The Daily Vote | What is the best PlayStation game ever?

The Daily Vote is a daily community feature in which GameRevolution’s readers choose the victor of a hotly-contested topic. This week, we decide on the best PlayStation game EVER. That’s right — ALL the PlayStation consoles, ALL the games!

The PlayStation brand has arguably been the most consistent of any of the big console manufacturers. Though Sony arrived later to the game than Nintendo, its four consoles have been more consistently successful. Its PS3 may have struggled to compete with the Xbox 360 for market share, but the PS4 has roundly bested the Xbox One in terms of sales. The original PlayStation convinced everyone to ditch their cartridges, and the PS2 is a frontrunner for the title of the best ever console. But which of these had the best PlayStation game ever?

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Paul Tamburro, GR executive editor: “I voted for God of War. While I loved The Last of UsGod of War‘s story resonated with me more and I found its gameplay to be more enjoyable, too. It also had pitch-perfect pacing, whereas TLoU lulled significantly in certain places.”

Jason Faulkner, GR senior editor: “Final Fantasy VII. It started the era of the “cinematic game” and is probably the most influential title of the fifth generation of consoles.”

Mack Ashworth, GR lead editor: The Last of Us gets my vote. It was the perfect conclusion to the PS3 era, nailing all aspects of storytelling, presentation, and gameplay. I’m especially fond of the performances carried out by Troy Baker (Joel) and Ashley Johnson (Ellie), who I feel brought increased attention to acting in video games. The game’s tragic story is wonderfully written and the survival-style gameplay works incredibly well. Even without its unique and addicting multiplayer, which some may find intimidating, the game is a masterpiece.”

Bradley Russell, GR news editor: “It’s gotta be The Last of Us, as boring as that answer is. It’s far and away the best PlayStation game not only in terms of narrative, but also in how it deals with more sensitive issues and themes, gameplay, and the most important of all: not making a fucking boring zombie game. Troy Baker and Nolan North (both PlayStation mainstays) give career-best performances, it’s got the best soundtrack ever, and really raised the bar for all things gaming, not just PlayStation. Sorry MGS, God of War, and Uncharted. Joel and Ellie will always rule the roost.”

Michael Leri, GR features editor: The Last of Us is the standout choice and it’s almost cliché to explain why. The story is paced incredibly well with some of the best performances in the medium, hooking you all the way to it’s unforgettable, perfect ending. Its gameplay is also tense and tight, leading to a methodical, thinking person’s survival shooter that feels different each time. This is more fully realized in its surprisingly sublime multiplayer that had a feel all its own.”