World War Z Characters | Who survives the apocalypse?

With the release of Saber Interactive’s World War Z, we have a game that borrows its name from a book and film that have little in common. The movie is a straightforward action flick that did well at the box office but hasn’t yet spawned a sequel. The book is a follow-up to other zombie literature that helped spark this whole zombie craze back in the mid-2000s. What all three entities share is a varied cast of survivors and a specific breed of fast zombies. So, who are the World War Z characters? Let’s find out with a brief summary of the first half of the cast.

As you can see from the gallery, the cast of World War Z characters features archetypes from all over the spectrum. You’ve got a 9/11 survivor working through his guilt while gripping a fire ax. There’s a hacker who only survived the initial onslaught due to her elite cracking skills. You’ve even got a photojournalist who lacks any radioactive spider bite marks. The poor sap can’t web swing, so he has to grab a shotgun instead. No matter what type of character you’re looking for, World War Z probably has you covered.

Now, because World War Z doesn’t come with a full price tag, you can only expect a certain level of quality from the game. For example, the World War Z characters don’t have as much charisma as the cast members of Left 4 Dead, an obvious inspiration for the game’s zombie carnage. However, beating any level with any character does give you a nice motion comic that lets you peek more into their backgrounds. Considering these are all original characters for this video game, we might see even more expansion in further updates or a possible sequel. Until then, we’ll have to make our own judgments on exactly what each World War Z character is thinking as the blow the undead away.