Best Stoner Games | These PS4 titles are better high

Today is April 20, and you know what that means. It’s time to smoke some dank ganja, get out some snack food, and enjoy some gaming. However, not every game is better while you’re stoned. A person’s performance in a racing simulation might suffer due to a lessened reaction time and something too serious could ruin your vibe. Thankfully, there are plenty of great games that are only enhanced by toking up, so take a hit and check out 10 of the best stoner games on PlayStation 4.

While this list is all about the best stoner games, and is exclusive to those available on PS4, you can also check out some of the best psychedelic games if you’re down to go on more of a trip.

Best Stoner Games | Rez Infinite

Best Stoner Games

As long as you don’t get claustrophobic after lighting up, strap on a PlayStation VR headset and enjoy Rez Infinite. The entire experience is great while high as it’s one of the most powerful audiovisual games ever made. However, if you really want to go on a trip then check out the excellent Area X mode that was added specifically for this remastered release. It will overwhelm your senses in a totally new way and can be a revelatory experience. While the game is short, you definitely won’t regret spending the money as it’s infinitely replayable under the right circumstances.

Best Stoner Games | Proteus

Best Stoner Games | These PS4 titles are better high proteus

Most video games don’t facilitate the tranquil feeling a good, peaceful high can have. But most games aren’t like Proteus. This procedurally-generated, first-person zen experience allows players to walk around an island that has no guns, enemies, or missions. It’s meditative and balances out the loud video games we play on almost every other day of the year. The soundtrack is equally calming and can be a good companion for the people out there that want a low-key April 20.

Best Stoner Games | Dragon Ball FighterZ

Best Stoner Games

Believe it or not, marijuana and fighting has a long history. A lot of grapplers like Nick Diaz and Eddie Bravo prefer to roll while high since they are more creative while practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu. That same strategy applies to fighting games like Dragon Ball FighterZ. Sure, you might not be at your best, but you will be able to come up with some more experimental fighting styles and might even pull off a few new combos. Fighting games reward those that try new things and there’s no better time to do that than after smoking a bowl.

Plus, what stoner doesn’t like Dragon Ball? You’ll get to see all of the awesome special moves while baked.

Best Stoner Games | Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

Best Stoner Games

There are a lot of reasons why stealth games like this and Hitman are great while high. Not only will you come up with some truly ridiculous mission strategies, but some of them will inevitably work out. Plus, there are a ton of great things that make MGS5 an ideal stoner game. The cutscenes are full of trippy sequences and weird revelations (just wait until you realize what the “V” in the title stands for), and the base building mechanics are great to do while just zoning out. And Snake vapes too so smoking up could help you relate to him. It’s better than chopping off your arm.

Best Stoner Games | Tetris EffectBest Stoner Games

Tetris isn’t typically a game that would be recommended after a smoke session, but Tetris Effect is not your typical puzzle game. Rather than dealing with the difficult and stressful aspects, just turn the game to easy, and enjoy all of the audiovisual effects that accompany the experience. It’s a great way to do some deep thinking and contemplate the finer points of life.

Best Stoner Games | Steep

Best Stoner Games

A skating game would normally make this list as the Skate series has been a fantastic time killer. However, Electronic Arts hasn’t brought the series to PlayStation 4 and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 is a horrendous title that shouldn’t be played by anyone. Due to these circumstances, Steep serves the purpose of letting people shred on some rails, go down some mountains, and come up with some sick lines to ride. It’s not the greatest extreme sports title ever released, but it will get the job done when paired with an added supplement.

Best Stoner Games | Fallout 4

Best Stoner Games

Weed is great for making every day hikes feel like a grand adventure, so goofing around in a nuclear apocalypse will really be a blast. Not only is there an absolutely huge world to explore in Fallout 4, but you’ll find it more immersive than ever. Plus, it’s great for really getting into building settlements. You can get even more creative while doing the planning and make a cool place to call home. It’s the end of the world so you’ll need to take your mind off things anyway.

Best Stoner Games | Rock Band 4

Best Stoner Games

Getting high is often a communal experience and it’s always made better with some music. That’s why Rock Band 4 is an easy inclusion here. Blaze up, enjoy some of your favorite tunes and laugh while your buddy makes a fool out of themselves while singing their favorite Billy Idol and Aerosmith songs. You’ll also get to feel like a real rocker when you’re shredding away, even if they are just plastic instruments.

Best Stoner Games | GTA Online

Best Stoner Games

There’s a lot to like about Grand Theft Auto. The writing can be hilarious, the violence is ridiculously over the top, and there’s no shortage of hijinks to get up to. As such, it makes for a great game to play after you get high. GTA Online allows you to have a blast with your other friends and go on some fun heists as well. They might not be perfectly executed, but you’ll share so many laughs that it won’t really matter.

Best Stoner Games | No Man’s Sky

Best Stoner Games

This one pretty much speaks for itself for the most part. Who doesn’t want to take a hit and then explore the cosmos? Live out the dreams of Carl Sagan by taking flight and find yourself on new planets filled with unique lifeforms and plants. It’s a great way to just relax and take in all of the futuristic sights. Science documentaries have long been a favorite pastime for stoners, but this one allows you to be in control of it (even if the science doesn’t exactly pan out).