Expand Your Mind With Rez Infinite, Out For PC Today

If you were combing Steam today looking for something new to play, you might be surprised when you happen upon Rez Infinite. It’s just launched for Steam with both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive support. You can pick it up right now via Steam for $19.99, 20% off its regular price.

If you’ve never played the original Rez on Dreamcast or PlayStation 2, nor Rez Infinite on PlayStation 4/PlayStation VR, you’re in for a real treat. One of my favorite games of all time, Rez Infinite opens up the on-rails musical shooter to the world of virtual reality.

VR makes Rez Infinite, and the new area included specifically with this edition, feel like a brand new game. Suddenly you can look all around you in the trippy space you’re inhabiting and fire at enemies behind you before they get a chance to creep up on you. It really tends to transform the boss battles in significant ways as well.

In addition to offering Rez Infinite for PC, anyone who purchases the game will get a special Rez Infinite Digital Deluxe DLC package with a 7-track Area X digital soundtrack sampler, excerpt from the Rez Infinite Retrospective art book, 20 desktop wallpapers and original Rez avatars.

If you’re interested in picking it up, you can do so here. You definitely won’t regret it.