Jedi Fallen Order should probably still worry Star Wars fans

When it comes to video games, the Star Wars franchise has seen better days. EA and DICE’s 2015 reboot of the original Battlefront was met with lukewarm reception due to its lack of content at launch. Battlefront 2 drew more criticism two years later, as the game deployed a microtransaction model that encouraged pay-to-win tactics. Though a different studio is crafting the newest Star Wars game, Jedi Fallen Order, there are a few reasons to be worried about the project. Check out several causes of concern below.

Why Star Wars Fans Should be Worried About Jedi Fallen Order | Cal Kestis looks boring

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

An image of Cal Kestis may come to mind when one thinks of generic male video game protagonists. Cal dons the same build and short hair that mascots like Nathan Drake and Gordon Freeman popularized years ago. Putting his unremarkable character design aside, Cal is similar to Rey in that his upbringing isn’t special. He’s aware of his connection to the Force and purposefully avoids making friends so he doesn’t put them at risk. His one companion is a robot named BD-1, the likes of which can be upgraded as a tool throughout the game’s narrative.

Respawn claims that Cal’s relationship with his mentor, Cere, will seem more familial than what fans have seen in the past, though it’s hard to imagine a bond more poignant than that between Obi-Wan and Anakin in Episode 3. Here’s hoping that the game’s Inquisitor antagonist, the Second Sister, is compelling enough to make for a boring main character and that actor Cameron Monaghan puts out a good performance.

Why Star Wars Fans Should be Worried About Jedi Fallen Order | Episode 9’s release

Battlefront 2 1.2 Update Patch Notes, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

Star Wars: Episode 9 – The Rise of Skywalker is set to release later this year on December 20. EA hopes to cash in on the hype one month earlier with Jedi Fallen Order on November 15, just like it did with Battlefront and The Force Awakens in 2015 and Battlefront 2 and The Last Jedi in 2017.

While fans may interpret this as a good thing, this schedule forces Respawn to release its game on time lest EA and Disney shareholders get angry that there’s no software to coincide with the latest movie in the blockbuster franchise. Should Jedi Fallen Order be an unfinished game by the time it goes gold, Star Wars fans may be disappointed. There’s not much room for a delay here.

Why Star Wars Fans Should be Worried About Jedi Fallen Order | Vague details

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

Jedi Fallen Order‘s debut trailer may have looked nice, but it failed to showcase any of the title’s actual gameplay. That’s cause for concern seeing as how it’s due to launch in less than seven months. A story that takes place after the events of Order 66 is certainly novel, but it alone isn’t enticing enough to demand a $60 purchase.

When the game was revealed at the Star Wars Celebration recently, Respawn explained during its accompanying panel that combat would feel “visceral” and “kick ass.” However, it didn’t dive into specifics. The actor who plays Cal, Cameron Monaghan, stated that his character feels “really distinct,” but didn’t go into what abilities make him special.

Rumors indicate that Jedi Fallen Order plays like an amalgamation of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, The Force Unleashed, and Uncharted, which is ambitious, to say the least. While the latter’s semi-open world environments and light platforming elements are welcome, it’s hard to imagine Respawn incorporating elements of FromSoftware’s trademark design, as the studio’s punishing mechanics may turn away casual audiences. The Force Unleashed‘s gameplay was met with mixed reception a decade ago, so its influence on Jedi Fallen Order may not bode well either.

Of course, fans should take these rumors with a grain of salt for now. Presumably, they’ll be able to judge the title’s gameplay better when EA and Respawn show it off at this year’s EA Play event. It might be a fun game to play but the lack of footage for its big reveal doesn’t inspire much confidence especially in lieu of EA’s mistreatment of the IP.

Why Star Wars Fans Should be Worried About Jedi Fallen Order | EA’s involvement

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There’s reason to worry about every Star Wars title slated to release between now and 2023 thanks to EA’s involvement as a publisher. According to a report earlier this year, the company’s mismanagement of the license stems from its desire to focus on its in-house properties like The Sims, Madden, and Battlefield. EA presumably has less desire to craft something wholly original or innovative for its Star Wars catalog because the brand is owned by Disney, thus it makes less money with every title. This explains why the firm’s rebooted Battlefront series plays similarly to Battlefield.

Members of the Star Wars community fear that this mentality may trickle into Jedi Fallen Order and the game will suffer because of its publisher’s lack of enthusiasm. Some are worried that although this is a single-player experience, it may only take a few hours to complete. Though creative director Stig Asmussen did say that the title is “not going to be a short game,” he didn’t offer an exact window that fans can expect. Keeping in line with the vague statements his colleagues made at Star Wars Celebration, he said that it’ll be “a quality experience.”

Despite the details above, there’s reason to be optimistic about Jedi Fallen Order. EA has already confirmed that no microtransactions or loot boxes will appear, and Respawn has stated that the game will adhere entirely to the studio’s vision alone. There’s a chance that both companies may deliver on a title that’s worthy of the Star Wars moniker later this year. For now, however, it doesn’t warrant a pre-order.