GR Radio | Days Gone by and still I think of Sonic

After a week break while our team traveled here, there, and everywhere, GR Radio is back with an episode stacked with the latest and greatest gaming news and talking points. This week we’re still reeling from the Sonic the Hedgehog debut trailer, which features the blue blur not looking his best, to say the least. Team GR discusses their disbelief that this was the film that got Jim Carrey to return to a comedic role, while also contemplating how on earth Sega was going to sell toys with this monster’s face on them.

We also dive into the latest Star Wars news, discussing our thoughts on Rise of the Skywalker and if it can rectify some of the issues we had with The Last Jedi. Is the upcoming sequel going to be a fitting end to the Skywalker saga? Or are we just going to be glad to see Star Wars movies based on other characters in this universe?

Your hosts this week are:

  • Paul Tamburro, executive editor: That’s me. This week I was busy being angry that Jim Carrey spent the past few years trying to convince us that he’d had a spiritual epiphany and there was no such thing as Jim Carrey, before becoming Jim Carrey again after being offered a lot of money to play Dr. Robotnik.
  • Mack Ashworth, lead editor: Mack’s been busy launching GR Reacts for us these past two weeks, but because he’s such a Good Boy, he also found time to stop by and host this week’s GR Radio.
  • Jason Faulkner, senior editor: Jason spent an awful lot of time playing Days Gone and survived to tell the tale. In this week’s GR Radio, Jason tackles the tough topic of unions in the gaming industry, and how this can potentially have negative ramifications on contractors.
  • Bradley Russell, news editor: Bradley took time out of playing The Simpsons: Hit and Run to appear on this week’s GR Radio, and for that we are eternally grateful.

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