Capcom Switch ports that we want next

It’s obvious that Capcom is finding a lot of success on the Switch, as the company recently announced its plans to port the original Devil May Cry to the hybrid console sometime this summer. It’ll join games like Resident Evil HD, Resident Evil 4, and Resident Evil 0, all of which are set to release for Nintendo’s machine on May 21. While there’s no way of knowing whether these ports will be as profitable as Ultra Street Fighter 2 was when it launched for Switch in April 2017, Capcom would be wise to offer Nintendo fans access to as many of its classics as possible. The following are a few franchises that could find a great home on the console next.

Capcom Switch Ports Wish List | Breath of Fire franchise

Capcom Classics

The Switch was made with long RPGs in mind, as players can quickly transition from their TVs to the console’s LCD screen at a moment’s notice and take their adventures with them on the go. The ability to jump back into a game simply by pressing the machine’s power button is also neat, as it helps alleviate any trouble fans may have remembering where they left off.

A remaster of the first three Breath of Fire titles makes a ton of sense, especially considering how the once popular RPG franchise began on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System nearly three decades ago. Turn-based mechanics are gradually becoming more accepted among fans of the genre, so Breath of Fire‘s return could bode well for Capcom.

Capcom Switch Ports Wish List | Viewtiful Joe

Capcom Classics

Capcom may show Okami some love every time new console hardware hits the market, but Hideki Kamiya’s other beloved PlayStation 2-era mascot, Viewtiful Joe, hardly never gets the attention he deserves. The game’s comic book aesthetic would pop on the Switch’s handheld screen. VFX Powers allow players to slow down time Matrix-style or speed it up with Mach Speed. They’re fun once players get a feel for them, especially considering how they play into the title’s movie theme.

While Joe’s mission to save his kidnapped girlfriend isn’t exactly original, fans should rest assured knowing that Silvia gets more screen time in the sequel. Capcom should opt to include both games in one package should it ever decides to remember their existence one day.

Capcom Switch Ports Wish List | DuckTales Remastered

Capcom Classics

DuckTales fans who are reading this may have the game’s theme song playing in their heads already. It’s precisely for this reason that Capcom should port 2013’s DuckTales Remastered to the Switch. People who played the original title on the Nintendo Entertainment System may be curious to find out if their hand-eye coordination remains as good as it once used to be. Capcom could go so far as to include a cooperative multiplayer mode for parents to play alongside their children via the Switch’s Joy-Cons. Scrooge’s platforming adventures are just as difficult today as they were in 1989, so players may need to enlist the help of their kids more often than they expect.

Capcom Switch Ports Wish List | Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Capcom Classics

It’s a mystery why Capcom hasn’t ported Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 to Switch yet, considering how the title exists both on consoles and handhelds and how it’s already been updated for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. That’s not to mention the fact that Ultra Street Fighter 2 has performed phenomenally well on the hybrid, which is a good indication that the fighting genre is thriving in the Switch’s ecosystem. The machine’s portability and detachable Joy-Cons could allow competitive Marvel vs. Capcom players the chance to fight new adversaries wherever they may be.

While Avengers Endgame is already out, the publisher can certainly ride off the hype of any other Marvel movie that releases in the near future should it decide that Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is worth another visit.

Capcom Switch Ports Wish List | Dino Crisis

Capcom Classics

There’s no way that Dino Crisis wasn’t going to be on this list. If Resident Evil‘s Chris and Leon can reappear on every new console, so can Regina and Dylan. A remake of the first two games in franchise would be appropriate given the current survival horror rebirth that Capcom is in part responsible for spearheading. Dino Crisis‘ revival could follow the Resident Evil 2 remake or Resident Evil 7‘s blueprints, both of which emphasis horror above everything else.

This return doesn’t have to be limited to the Switch, though the console would be a great home for it given the success other games in the genre have had so far. The announcement of a Dino Crisis remake may just be the perfect way to celebrate the franchise on its 20th anniversary this year. Also, there hasn’t been a cool dinosaur game in a while. So long as the new Dino Crisis sticks to its roots and gives fans the menacing Tyrannosaurus Rexes they fell in love with in the first game, there’s a good chance that fans will welcome it with open arms.

It’s a shame that we haven’t seen ports, remakes, or remasters of Dino Crisis, Breath of Fire, or Viewtiful Joe sooner, as each one is novel enough to attract a following today. Here’s hoping that Capcom’s success on the Switch so far will encourage it to explore its vast portfolio further and that it’s willing enough to take a chance on some properties that didn’t sell well years ago. Nintendo’s console may not be able to run Monster Hunter World or Devil May Cry 5, but it is worthwhile enough for Capcom to devote significant attention to it.