Overwatch Single Player | Top 10 features it would need (if it existed)

Overwatch contains an extremely fleshed out universe, and it’s a shame that Blizzard hasn’t yet let us explore it at our own pace. Unlike most shooters before it (but like plenty that have come since), Blizzard’s team game forgoes a single-player story campaign for a purely multiplayer experience. A full campaign seems like a slam dunk, but we may never see it due to declining interest in the game over other phenomenons. If dreams come true and Activision gives the team the green light, here are 10 things that Blizzard need to include in an Overwatch single-player campaign.

Overwatch started life as Titan, Blizzard’s spiritual successor to World of Warcraft. By all accounts, the world of Overwatch remains intact from that earlier project, so it’s possible that we’ve only scratched the surface of what we could reveal from this new Blizzard franchise. Looking at some presentations from Blizzard proper, we’ve seen screens full of unrealized heroes, and the studio has probably all come up with new ideas since development ended years ago. A campaign would be a proper revisit for many of the staff, and it could lead to a resurgence for the brand.

We also know that Activision is taking a firmer grasp over at Blizzard, which could be bad for a number of reasons. However, one of the things Activision wants is a more reliable release schedule. Perhaps it’s not the games as a service title that the team would truly want, but a big budget Overwatch single-player experience that also provides assets for future multiplayer updates could slot right into that plan. Activision just hasn’t had many big franchises lately, and even Desitny has gone independent. A huge shooter with a name that people already love could really help complement the latest Call of Duty and Crash Bandicoot reimagining.