The Best Dreams Creations So Far | From Metal Gear to Dead Space

Media Molecule’s sandbox title Dreams certainly seems like it will live up to the studio’s creative pedigree when it launches later this year. Fans have crafted a variety of fascinating projects during the game’s early access period, including levels inspired by franchises like Metal Gear Solid, Dead Space, and Tomb Raider. Regardless on whether they’re based on existing IPs or original concepts, the following are some of the best Dreams creations the community has developed so far.

Best Dreams Creations | “Metal Gear Solid HD Remake” by Bear Parker

It’s no surprise that the ambitious “Metal Gear Solid HD Remake” is currently being put together TT Games’ Global Community Manager Bear Parker. The project meticulously recreates Shadow Moses’ tank hangar with crates, water, and fluorescent lighting. Snake can carefully look around cover to see if enemy soldiers are near and an alert state can be triggered once the player has been discovered.

Though some environmental details are missing, Parker has stated the level should be completed soon. Hopefully it’ll inspire Konami to develop an actual remake of the classic one day or not sue Parker, at the very least.

Best Dreams Creations | “Dead Space Scene” by Quinn Barnett


Quinn Barnett‘s “Dead Space Scene” appropriately emulates Visceral Games’ horror franchise through dim lighting and a moody soundtrack. The scene successfully revives the abandoned stations and dilapidated interiors that Dead Space fans explored years ago, as there’s no telling what lies around the corner. As fans amble move forward, they’ll expect Necromorphs to pop out of crates or rush at them when they’re not looking. Just in case the environment alone doesn’t make them nostalgic, the level also has players don a spacesuit that glows similarly to Issac Clarke’s.

Though Barnett has stated that he doesn’t plan on exploring this project further, the attention it’s received may convince other creators to follow in his footsteps. It may even encourage someone at EA to give the game a try.

Best Dreams Creations | “P.T. Remake” by lewisc729

While Media Molecule’s title can’t rival the photo-realism on display in Konami’s Fox Engine, it can get pretty close. “P.T. Recreated” by lewisc729 takes players who weren’t lucky enough to experience Silent Hills‘ playable teaser through one loop around the infamous hallway. No baby screams or towering women can be seen, but fans are free to search every inch of the house for clues that shed light on their perpetual limbo. Despite the level not being a carbon copy of the horror phenomenon, it does manage to leave users spooked by the time they’re done with it.

Best Dreams Creations | “Toon Raider” by se-mi92

Action fans who are pining to relive Lara Craft’s original tomb raiding adventures should check out se-mi92’s “Toon Raider” once Dreams officially launches. The incredibly complex project starts off in a grassy field, then has players leap across platforms in order to find a hidden vault. Once they’ve slid inside a crypt, they’ll flip switches, light flares, and try their best to avoid traps. Fans even get a chance to use the mascot’s signature pistols.”Toon Raider” may be the most fleshed out level conceived so far, as it feels like it’s been ripped straight from the ’90s.

Best Dreams Creations | “Prometheus” by rothniel

Prometheus” by rothniel successfully manages to evoke the quality of an open world first-person shooter game. As fans navigate their way through canyons under a pink moon, ravenous creatures sprint toward them. Goons armed with plasma rifles relentlessly shoot balls of electricity and portals spew forth new threats to mow down. Hand statues reach for the stars overhead and help make this world feel more surreal and mysterious. It encourages players to keep on discovering what other unusual universes Dreams has to offer.

Best Dreams Creations | “Starry Night” by TheOneironaut

As its name implies, “Starry Night” by TheOneironaut is a stunning recreation of Vincent van Gogh’s famous painting. After art connoisseurs drink a glass of absinthe by the window, bright hues glide across the horizon, stars flicker into existence, and a blue wind swirls in the sky above. The scene feels like it’s alive, transporting audiences back to when van Gogh originally created the masterpiece in 1889. There’s little to do outside of witnessing the painting come to life, but seeing it in motion may inspire other users to recreate the Mona Lisa or The Last Supper next.

Best Dreams Creations | “Curiosity” by Disarmed

Similarly to “Starry Night,” there’s not a whole lot to do in Disarmed‘s “Curiosity.” Players are simply tasked with walking from one point to another. Though that may be a turn-off to some, the level’s cinematic presentation is the noteworthy takeaway. Players are greeted with a cutscene that reads, “When everything is over, curiosity continues…” upon launching the stage. Once they’ve made it to their objective, the camera pans up and a message that says “The journey is never completed” fades into view. The whole scene feels like something that should be in Death Stranding given how atmospheric it is.

Best Dreams Creations | “Dreams & Dragons” by Mr_Prince_Sanji3

Mr_Prince_Sanji3’s “Dreams and Dragons” is intended to be used as a tool for dungeon masters to keep track of everything going on in their games. It includes pawns, 16 status conditions, a dice calculator, a dice roller, and an initiative tracker, though the level’s creator has stated that he plans on adding more features over time. While Dungeons and Dragons may not be everyone’s cup of grog, the fact that this level exists is a testament to how much creative freedom players have within Dreams.

As of the time of this writing, Dreams doesn’t have a firm release date. It is, however, still slated to release sometime in 2019. Though most of us will have to patiently bide our time as more mind-boggling creations manifest, PlayStation fans will have access to all of the game’s levels before long. Until then, it’s best to let the community’s imagination run wild.