Bernie Sanders meme has been recreated in PS4 game Dreams

The inescapable Bernie Sanders meme has now been added to Dreams, with the image of the US senator in his mask and mittens being digitally recreated in the sandbox PS4 game. The character model can now be added to any custom level in the game.

Bernie Sanders meme added to Dreams

The image of a cold Bernie Sanders sitting down while wearing a pair of oversized mittens immediately went viral. Taken on Inauguration Day before Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th President, the image served as the basis for a variety of memes, and has now made its way into the PS4 game Dreams.

Dreams allows users to not only create their own levels but to also create their own digital models. Enter ‘Wise old man on a chair,’ a new model created by HeyitsmeDG, which features a recreation of Sanders sitting on his Capitol Hill chair.

bernie sanders meme dreams

The image has now been uploaded to the official Dreams site, allowing other creators to use the model in their own levels and scenes. This has led to inspired creations such as Bernie sitting in the park:

Bernie enjoying a cup of tea:

And Bernie sitting nonchalantly in the center of an ’80s-themed dancefloor:

The Bernie Sanders meme managed to steal the spotlight from Biden’s inauguration, which was no mean feat considering the concern around the event following the Capitol Hill riots. While plenty have edited the senator into compromising situations, this Dreams model is certainly one of the most high-effort takes on it. In typical Dreams fashion, it likely won’t be long until Bernie is inserted into some homemade Sonic the Hedgehog or Mario game.

While players are happily downloading Bernie’s character model, Dreams‘ developer stated last year that it wanted the game to be used as more than just a meme-machine. Since then, creators have used the game to bring to life a number of impressive ideas, including a creepy homage to Eraserhead earlier this month.