Dreams creator makes creepy baby from Eraserhead in demo homage stage

Dreams is continues to churn on, albeit quietly, 11 months from its official release. And while the developer aimed to stop boosting low-effort memes and remakes, some creators are still going above and beyond with their homages. One such Dreams creator is doing that through their interactive demo version of Eraserhead, David Lynch’s 1977 abstract horror film. This short demo even has the creepy baby from the film to haunt your dreams.

Dreams creator makes creepy baby from Eraserhead in demo homage

DrJones20 is the one behind this creation, which can be queued up from the Dreams website. The level is, like the title implies, more of a demo, but it captures the uneasy mood of the film as well as some of the surrealist aspects of it. Of course, this includes the alien baby from the movie, which players can inspect in a first-person segment. The other parts are either a cutscene or third-person as the player controls Henry.

Dreams creator makes creepy baby from Eraserhead in demo homage

The tags say it is in a “work in progress,” so there is likely to be more sometime in the future. DrJones20 took to Reddit to speak a little about their demo, stating that there is a VR version, too. They also explained that the player probably won’t be able to cut the bandages open because that would get moderated.

This isn’t DrJones20’s only homage as their page is full of levels themed around Silent Hills, Mario, Star Wars, Final Fantasy 7, and more. There’s even a Twin Peaks one, showing yet another one of David Lynch’s creations.  The Silent Hills one continues where P.T. left off, showing previously unnamed protagonist Jeffrey Harper’s life as a cop before the game begins. It’s all fan fiction as Hideo Kojima famously never got to tell that story or even officially name the main character, but it still shows DrJones20 penchant for thoughtful Dreams creations based on other properties.