Miitopia demo players are making some insane creations

Nintendo has dropped a new Miitopia demo for Nintendo Switch and players are already taking advantage of the surprisingly robust character creator to make some truly impressive Miis, as well as some downright horrifying ones. They’re also learning to take advantage of different options to get around some of the restrictions and make some robust and familiar Miis. Head below for some of our favorites, including Garfield, Shrek, and a terrifying Sonic the Hedgehog.

What are the best Miitopia demo Miis?

The Miitopia demo has only been out a few hours, as of the time of writing, but there are already some fantastic Mii player creations being shared on social media. We’ve had a look and found some of the most impressive ones we could find.

There are a few popular Mii creations out there you’ll see quite a few times, which includes the ever-familiar face of Garfield the cat. This version by user @saladplainzone is shockingly accurate, and they very kindly provided the access code if you want to download it yourself.

The nightmarish teeth-filled original Sonic the Hedgehog movie design may still haunt your dreams, but now @tebarceus invites you to play as it so it can haunt other people too.

The creations of @ferretidol aren’t any well-known characters but they highlight the excellent makeup/wig feature well, which completely transforms the Miis.

The Miitopia demo is available now, and these are just a few of the many amazing creations you can find. We were already impressed with the Miitopia Mii character creator when Nintendo showed it off in its Nintendo Direct earlier this year, but it seems players are falling in love with it even more than we expected.

You can check out our review of the original Miitopia on the 3DS right here, and see why we called it “a forgettable adventure.” Hopefully, the Switch version has a lot more to do in it.