PlayStation franchises that need their own movies

Sony recently announced its intentions to adapt some of its most celebrated video game franchises into movies and television shows through its PlayStation Productions initiative. Overseen by the company’s Interactive Entertainment Chairman Shawn Layden, the move will transform PlayStation brands into “global entertainment franchises.” The following are some properties that Sony should adapt first through its new studio. Keep in mind that Uncharted has been excluded, as it’s already moving forward with 10 Cloverfield Lane director Dan Trachtenberg and Spider-Man: Homecoming actor Tom Holland.

PlayStation Franchises That Need Movies | The Last of Us


Less than a year after The Last of Us released for PlayStation 3, Sony announced that Screen Gems, a division of the company’s Motion Picture Group, would be adapting the game for the big screen with creative director Neil Druckmann on board to write the script. While Druckmann did get around to completing a few drafts for the film, he stated in 2016 that the project had entered “development hell.” PlayStation Productions could salvage the script and take over from Screen Gems, seeing as how both are owned by the same parent company.

A film adaptation of The Last of Us could take place between the events of the original game and its sequel, highlighting Ellie’s relationship with Joel as the pair find a new life within Tommy’s settlement. Should it release before the upcoming sequel, it could also introduce new characters that will play an integral role in the sequel’s campaign, like Dina, Jesse, Yara, or Lev. Of course, Maisie Williams is welcome to play Ellie, considering how she’s expressed interest in taking on the role in the past and has recently wrapped up production on Game of Thrones.

PlayStation Franchises That Need Movies | Infamous


An Infamous film or TV series would an excellent way for Sony to ride the superhero craze outside of Spider-Man and the property’s spin-off entries. It could follow Infamous 2‘s evil ending, which has protagonist Cole MacGrath build a totalitarian empire ruled by Conduits. A small uprising made up of normal human beings and Conduits could attempt to usurp the new world order. This entertainment venture could also revisit Second Son‘s Delsin Rowe as he deals with a D.U.P. revival and encounters new super-powered foes. PlayStation Productions has a template to base its Infamous project on, as filmmaker Tuperhero developed a short film based on the franchise back in 2014.

PlayStation Franchises That Need Movies | God of War (2018)

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Rumors last year suggested that Aquaman and Game of Thrones‘ Jason Momoa was set to star in a live-action adaptation of God of War and that it was due out to release that summer. While a film called God of War did release on Netflix in July 2018, it had nothing to do with Santa Monica Studio’s award-winning game.

However, Sony would be wise to cast Momoa as Kratos, as the two bear a similar physique and are known for growing out their facial hair. A God of War movie could have the mascot journey back through Greek mythology or visit other pantheons. Atreus could tag along for the ride so that the film can continue to flesh out the demigod’s relationship with his son. Hollywood needs more dad movies, after all.

PlayStation Franchises That Need Movies | Resistance


For those who are unaware of Insomniac’s Resistance franchise, it follows several protagonists as each tries his best to avoid being slaughtered or enslaved by an alien race known as the Chimera. Set in an alternate history 1950s, the property is rich with lore for film and television audiences to discover.

An adaptation can be told from the perspective of a group of survivors who are fleeing the United States after the country’s coasts are overwhelmed by the extraterrestrial invaders. The party can gradually learn about the Chimera as they make their escape, culminating in the revelation that many of their own kind have been converted into the species. There’s plenty of room for drama here if PlayStation Productions plays its cards right. It could even use the official live action teaser for Resistance 3 as a template. We just need more Resistance in some form.

PlayStation Franchises That Need Movies | Horizon Zero Dawn

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Horizon Zero Dawn is one of Sony’s most profitable video game franchises, as the title amassed over 10 million copies sold by February 2019. That’s not easy feat to come by for a new IP, let alone a developer who hasn’t crafted anything outside of a first-person shooter in over a decade. A film adaptation from PlayStation Productions makes sense considering how the studio is probably working on a sequel for Sony’s next console.

A movie or show could be told from the perspective of Dr. Elisabet Sobeck as she plans out Project Zero Dawn and attempts to restore natural life on Earth after Faro Automated Solutions loses control of its robots. While fans are given glimpses of the old world through in-game cutscenes, some more light could be shed on how it descended into chaos and what drove Sobeck to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Sony is apparently already working on a handful of PlayStation Production projects. Shawn Layden has mentioned that although media based on video games typically hasn’t panned out well in the past, the studio is crafting stories “specifically for the film audience” rather than attempting to “retell the game in a movie.” It remains to be seen when we’ll catch a glimpse of this new initiative, though it wouldn’t be too surprising to hear more information as Sony drums up hype for its next console. Until then, PlayStation fans have a chance to catch up on all the great exclusives they may have missed earlier this generation.