The Intellivision Amico needs to have these 10 sequels

The Intellivision Amico stands as an interesting contender in the gaming space. When Tommy Tallarico laid out his vision in front of retro convention goers, many in the traditional industry were puzzled. Not aimed at traditional markets and interested in 2D retro titles, the system already boasts several follow-ups to previous hits in the pipeline. With Earthworm Jim 3 becoming a reality exclusively on this platform, we wonder what else is possible. What other blasts from the past should we see on this upcoming system? Let’s count down the top 10 retro game contenders worth of an Intellivision Amico sequel.

The Intellivision Amico does have some quirks to it. For one, every game on the system needs to be “family friendly.” So, WB couldn’t come out with a new Mortal Kombat or NARC unless they were extremely watered down. This announcement seemed to go over well with the crowd at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo this past October. With licensed games going mobile and many publishers putting more of their resources into fewer games, there just aren’t that many “kids games” out there nowadays. Kids generally just want to play Minecraft anyway, but the point stands.

Also, Every game on the system is an Amico exclusive and can’t be priced higher than $8. Some companies may be turned off by these platform rules, especially in a world that is largely going away from platform exclusives and into inclusive streaming services. Still, it’s a creative challenge, and there are plenty of studios out there with game ripe for this type of format. If this console does catch on, we could see some interesting side entries in ongoing series, or returns from previous franchises. Think of a modern Twisted Metal: Small Brawl, but only for games in 2D. If this console just settles into its niche, the technology behind it may be its most defining factor.