Tell GR | Will you buy the new Playdate handheld console?

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Firewatch and Untitled Goose Game indie publisher Panic has unveiled the Playdate, a brand new handheld console that will feature a host of surprise games. It also has a crank fitted to its side, which basically guarantees that there’ll be at least one fishing game released on this thing.

The Playdate has already captured the attention of many, with Panic sharing some ambitious plans for the portable device. In a tweet thread, Panic explained: “Every game is a secret. They’re all included with [the] system, and they will be delivered to you each week, for a few months. Our dream is simple: that you wake up on new game day excited to see what you can play next.”

The console will retail for $149, and its games will release in seasons. Season one will be available when the console launches in early 2020.

It all sounds very interesting, but is it something you’d actually want to buy? It’s a unique concept, and the idea of a console which releases a batch of surprise games every few months sets it apart from other portable devices. However, a simple black and white console might not resonate with an audience in 2019, and Panic would need to offer plenty of variety in its games if it’s

Let us know if you’d be interesting in buying the Playdate console, and we’ll feature our favorite response in tomorrow’s Tell GR!