Tell GR | What multiplayer game are you addicted to?

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Releasing an ultra-popular multiplayer game is the best kind of outcome for the modern video game developer. If players stick around for a while, you can support the game over a period of months or even years, introducing fresh updates that keep them coming back for more over a sustained period of time.

The majority of us have stumbled on a multiplayer game we’ve become hopelessly addicted to in the past. Whether it’s a sprawling MMO like World of Warcraft or a blockbuster FPS like Overwatch, there are many games out there that have retained an active player base over a number of years.

But what multiplayer game are you addicted to? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll feature our favorite on Monday’s Tell GR!

Yesterday’s best comment

Question: Will you buy the new Playdate handheld console? 

boba1701: “Hard pass for me. It seems like it’d be a fun quirky little doodad but as it stands it’s way priced outside of my fun quirky little doodad budget. Bring it under 80 bucks (the price of a SNES or upcoming Genesis mini) and we’ll talk.”