Death Stranding and 10 other bizarre ad campaigns

Kojima always seems to have a plan when promoting his games. As he gained success, his plans always got more elaborate and definitely wackier. While we await further details about Death Stranding following the most recent big trailer, it’s always fun to look back at the crazy marketing that introduced us to the game. Kojima has always been known to make an impact, but this new PlayStation game takes the cake with its thumbs up babies and celebrity cameos. What other extremes are companies willing to go to in order to sell games? Let’s find out. These are 10 bizarre ad campaigns that proceeded Death Stranding.

So, what have we seen so far when it comes to Death Stranding? Besides the famous stomach baby, we’ve had plenty of clothes-optional Norman Reedus along with some more clothed shots of him in the newest trailer. That trailer showed us some new looks at Guillermo del Toro in a suit as well as some mysterious faces that we will see more of in the future. The older trailers showed some sort of black goop that responds to noise and consumes people. Even though Sony isn’t going to be at this year’s E3, the publisher has already dropped hints that Death Stranding news could hit at any time.

Hopefully, we will see more gameplay in the future. So far, we’ve only seen our main character traversing some rocky terrain and pulling out a ladder, but we still have little idea of the main gameplay loop. Will you be mining resources with your robot pals? Perhaps it’s a really high budget walking simulator that just contemplates the meaning of life. The possibilities are endless, at least in this small window we still have. Games marketing often lays out every little bit of information before a release. Take advantage of the speculation and enjoy the thrill of not knowing.