Death Stranding release date revealed in new trailer

The Death Stranding release date revealed in a trailer that has confirmed today’s earlier leaks. The new trailer was shown on a PlayStation stream and contained a fresh look at gameplay, the stunning graphics we’ve already come to expect, and some special guests along the way. We’ll finally get to the bottom of Death Stranding on November 8.

The trailer not only confirmed the release date, but showed us additional gameplay footage. The game takes place in a broken America and a world full of soldiers who don’t die and horrifying trench warfare. Your goal: connect the disconnected fragments of society and save humanity from extinction. The core message to take away from this, according to a tweet from Hideo Kojima himself, is to remember the importance of forging connections with others, especially as you create bonds with players experiencing the game together around the world.

Along with stunning gameplay footage, the cast was revealed to have a special guest appearance. Famous filmmaker Guillermo del Toro will be in the game. He previously worked with Hideo Kojima on horror game P.T., which was going to be the new Silent Hill before it was canceled due to Kojima’s split with Konami.

With more reveals come more questions about Death Stranding, and on November 8 we’ll finally get our answers.