E3 2019’s Most Promising New IPs | From Ghostwire Tokyo to Roller Champions

It’s hard to ignore the hype surrounding games like Cyberpunk 2077, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and Doom Eternal at this year’s E3, as each is being developed by some of the industry’s most celebrated studios. However, as great as these titles may seem, it’s important to consider the promising new IPs announced by indie game makers and AAA publishers at the event. From psychological thrillers to hand-drawn RPGs, fans may find that there’s a lot to look forward outside of those titles that are dominating the E3 2019 conversation.

E3 2019’s Promising New IPs | Outriders

Outriders, E3 2019

Bulletstorm and ex-Gears of War developer People Can Fly stated that its latest title, Outriders, is something that it has wanted to make for a long time. All four of its teams are working on the three-person cooperative shooter, which will supposedly include a compelling sci-fi narrative set in a dangerous alien world called Enoch. Of course, the studio’s trademark insanity will return, as its first developer diary revealed what looks to be guns made out of rock and skin.

E3 2019’s Promising New IPs | Roller Champions

Roller Champions demo, E3 2019

Despite the leak, the free-to-play, three-on-three roller derby game Roller Champions is the most surprising new IP announced at this year’s E3, especially considering how it appeared among a sea of politically charged and adult-oriented titles from Ubisoft. An amalgamation of skating and basketball, the pre-alpha demo has teams block shots and tackle one another in an effort to reach five points first.

There’s a good degree of strategy involved, as teams can run multiple laps in order to build their potential to redeem more points. Communicating with one’s teammates is integral to the experience if one hopes to dominate the stadium and end a match as quickly as possible. Roller Champions is a co-op-focused title that has potential to be the next Rocket League if Ubisoft plays its cards right. And early reports indicate that that might be the case.

E3 2019’s Promising New IPs | 12 Minutes

12 Minutes Relax Together, E3 2019

As its name suggests, 12 Minutes has players repeat the events that happen within a 12-minute time frame in order to prevent the death of man’s wife and their unborn child. Though it’s relegated to the confines of a one-bedroom apartment, many items in the environment can be interacted with and contribute to the dialogue and action options that become available at the end of each round. Through a trail and error approach, fans will supposedly put the together the pieces that make up this dense mystery. Or you could just find out that your wife is a murderer.

E3 2019’s Promising New IPs | Elden Ring

E3 2019

The excitement surrounding FromSoftware’s Elden Ring is understandable considering how Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin is collaborating with Dark Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki on the project. The title will focus heavily on RPG mechanics that allow fans to customize their characters, weapons, magic, and overall play styles, but many action-heavy segments from From Software’s other work, including boss fights, will return. Seeing how work on the game began after Dark Souls 3‘s last DLC installment in 2017, there’s a good chance that a release date will be disclosed sooner rather than later.

E3 2019’s Promising New IPs | Ghostwire Tokyo

E3 2019

Tango Gameworks’ Ghostwire Tokyo looks to be just as creepy as the studio’s Evil Within series, despite not being formerly categorized as a survival horror game. Its debut trailer has the citizens of Japan’s capital city vanish instantaneously while a group of shadowy figures stand by unscathed.

Rather than having a range of guns to choose from, players will be tasked with using their “spectral abilities” to combat this mysterious force and rescue Tokyo’s missing population from darkness. With Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami and Evil Within creative director Ikumi Nakamura on board, there’s reason to assume that Ghostwire Tokyo will feature plenty of horrifying creatures.

E3 2019’s Promising New IPs | Deathloop

E3 2019

Arkane Studios’ Deathloop is set in a supernatural place called Black Reef, the likes of which magically prevents its inhabitants from dying. Protagonists Juliana and Colt are hellbent on assassinating one another no matter the cost, as the former seeks to preserve the titular cycle while the latter strives to break it.

The game’s debut trailer indicates that fans will have a variety of death-dealing tricks up their sleeve, as Juliana can teleport and Colt can manipulate foes through telekinesis. Seeing as how Deathloop is coming from the same minds behind the Dishonored series, fans can expect the game to feature an intriguing plot and well thought-out level designs. The concept is certainly novel enough as is, despite being the second time loop game on this list.

E3 2019’s Promising New IPs | Cris Tales

E3 2019

Fans shouldn’t let Cris Tales‘ beautiful 2D aesthetic fool them into thinking that the game lacks intricate RPG mechanics. As evidenced in the title’s free Steam demo, players are tasked with navigating through the past, present, and future in order to topple enemies. A status ailment in the past can have a direct effect on a foe in the present and future. Thus, fans are encouraged to experiment with the tools available to them during every battle. Figuring out how to manage one’s turns will be key to unlocking the game’s true ending and preventing the world from entering into a cataclysmic state.

Though many of the games above were only introduced through CG trailers, it’s worth noting that most are coming from well-respected developers. Therefore, it’s not hyperbole to state that each has potential to be the industry’s next big thing.

Whatever one’s interest may be in new IPs, the presence of so many at this year’s E3 is a great indication of a healthy market. Here’s hoping that studios everywhere will continue to embrace their creative sides and that these risks pay off well in the future.