GR Radio | The ultimate E3 2019 recap and discussion

After several busy weeks of E3 2019 coverage (and recovery!), Team GR is back with a GR Radio Electronic Entertainment Expo special. Join us live for the first time, as the home and away teams come together to discuss the biggest gaming event of the year. We’re going to attempt to squeeze the entire collection of conferences in a relatively short stream!

In addition to the comprehensive E3 2019 news coverage seen on the website, both Jason and Michael were at the show to grab interviews and preview upcoming games. Join us for the play-by-play accounts of what they experienced.

Your hosts for this week are:

  • Paul Tamburro, executive editor: After staying up for each and every E3 conference, Paul is still recovering from the busiest week of the year. He’s been playing *redacted*, which is apparently *redacted*.
  • Mack Ashworth, lead editor: Mack’s been having a blast on the GR Twitch livestream, which has become much more active. His main focus is training for the upcoming Modern Warfare. Give the channel a follow, if you haven’t already!
  • Jason Faulkner, senior editor: Jason has been writing up his thoughts on what he played at E3. Here’s his cracking preview on Luigi’s Mansion 3. He was also in the same room as Keanu Reeves, so expect to hear some discussion about that…
  • Bradley Russell, news editor: Bradley has been doing his fair share of E3 coverage, including staying up late so that I could get my beauty sleep. Much appreciated, Bradley! (This is Bradley’s final GR Radio appearance, so let’s send him off in style!)
  • Michael Leri, features editor: Michael also attended E3 2019. What, you want proof? Well, here’s his badass preview of Doom Eternal!

Watch the new GR Radio episode on Twitch below, and feel free to join in with the chatter as we’re also taking viewer questions.