Tell GR | Would you buy a Nintendo Switch Mini?

The long-rumored Nintendo Switch Mini (or Nintendo Switch Pro, as some also refer to it as) hasn’t been officially announced yet, but it seems more than likely that Nintendo will release an updated version of its Switch console in the near future. There’s speculation that the console will be a more powerful version of the Switch that will be handheld-only, while there are even claims that two consoles will be simultaneously released together with different capabilities.

So what do you think? Would YOU buy a Nintendo Switch Mini?

Here’s what we think…

Paul Tamburro, executive editor: “A more powerful, smaller Switch would be ideal. I play my Switch in handheld mode most of the time, but compared with other portable consoles, it’s pretty sizeable and can be quite cumbersome as a result. Scaling the Switch down but making it better at running more visually intensive games would be ideal, and would ensure that I didn’t need to pull out a red and blue brick out of my bag whenever I wanted to play Super Mario Maker 2.”

Jason Faulkner, senior editor: “I’d love a Switch Mini, but I hope the rumors of a more powerful unit and a more portable unit are referring to the same SKU. I think with the 3DS on its way out, a Switch Mini to replace it is called for, but I don’t really want to choose between two models. If rumors are true, you’d have to either pick a model that’s easier to carrier, or one that has enhanced performance. I think splitting the Switch family into two models will negate some of what makes the Switch so appealing. It’s a jack-of-all-trades console and emphasizing any one aspect of its design makes the rest of it look weak by comparison. The Switch can’t beat the Xbox or PS4 when it comes to raw power, and if it loses its versatility, it becomes a less appealing platform.”

Mack Ashworth, lead editor: “While I see the value in the ability to switch between at-home and portable modes, and I can certainly see the appeal when its the only system in a person’s home, I’ve mainly used the Nintendo Switch as a handheld. Therefore, I think a Nintendo Mini (i.e. portable-only Switch) would be great… for the right price! If it’s significantly smaller than the existing Switch, making it even more portable, then even better!”

Michael Leri, features editor: “Give me that Switch Pro, baby. While I see the appeal of trying to nail down the 3DS audience with a handheld-like Switch, I want all those teraflops and gigadaps to make it the strongest platform it can be. There are already reports of games like Bloodstained that don’t run well so hopefully, this extra power would give a boost to the oft-mentioned weaker Switch ports. I’ve been waiting years for this exact Switch so, goddammit, please don’t let me down, Nintendo.”

Now tell us what you think!

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