Sekiro Woody Mod and the other best Sekiro mods ever

While Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a great game on its own, fan mods make it even more enjoyable. From skins inspired by some of Pixar and DreamWorks’ most iconic characters to environmental details that reference other popular titles, the following are some of the best creations that Sekiro‘s community has crafted so far. And yes, that includes Sheriff Woody.

Best Sekiro Mods | Sheriff Woody


Huckleberrypie’s Sheriff Woody mod brings out the cowboy’s ruthless, unforgiving side. Inspired by the character’s appearance in Toy Story 4, the user behind the creation made sure that blood splatters on the figure’s face whenever he punctures foes with his sword. All that it’s missing are lines like “Reach for the sky!” and “This town ain’t big enough for the two of us.” Does anyone know if Tom Hanks is a Sekiro fan?

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Best Sekiro Mods | Holy Moonlight Kusabimaru


The Holy Moonlight Kusabimaru mod is a reskin of Sekiro’s katana that takes inspiration from Bloodborne‘s Moonlight Greatsword. As evidenced in the screenshot above, Eyedeability’s creation emits a beautiful light blue color that contrasts nicely with all the red demon blood that fans will be witnessing as they make their way through Sengoku Japan.

Best Sekiro Mods | Metal Gear alert sound


The Metal Gear alert sound mod by Zullie The Witch may seem simple, but it’s a pleasant throwback to one of gaming’s most iconic stealth action franchises. When spotted by an enemy, the brief alert sound from the Konami series can be heard and a red exclamation mark appears over their heads. The mod could prove to be quite entertaining during Sekiro‘s stealth sections or in levels filled to the brim with monstrous enemies. It triggers the good kind of anxiety.

Best Sekiro Mods | Big head


Big head modes have been noticeably absent in video games recently. Thankfully, Zullie The Witch helps fill the void with a Sekiro big head mod. As one might expect, the titular protagonist and key characters on his journey don ridiculous skulls that defy all known laws in the universe. This being said, if gigantic snakes exist in this reality, there’s plenty of room to fit big heads.

Best Sekiro Mods | Boss rush mode


Boss rush modes are another feature that modern video games don’t often have. Given how Sekiro focuses on epic encounters with grisly monsters like the Guardian Ape and the Divine Dragon, it was only a matter of time before someone crafted one for the title. Thefifthmatt’s boss rush mode allows users to warp to foes using the Sculptor’s Idol at the Dilapidated Temple and offers them rewards if they manage to survive long enough. Upgrades can be managed before one takes on any of the bosses and all tutorials and cutscenes are eliminated for the sake of convenience. Though an official boss rush mode from FromSoftware is always welcome, thefifthmatt’s mod is more than enough.

Best Sekiro Mods | Death Screen – Miyazaki’s Smile


Ashina No Nanashi’s Death Screen – Miyazaki’s Smile mod was made with masochists in mind. The famed director behind Sekiro and the Dark Souls franchise appears whenever players are murdered, grinning at their attempt to speed through the title unscathed. During the alternate red text death screen, a red silhouette of Miyazaki manifests alongside Japanese text that translates to “just as planned” — a reference to the iconic Death Note manga. This mod adds the right amount of hilarity to the game and strangely makes one’s death even more pleasurable.

Best Sekiro Mods | Elemental weapon buffs


Fans who like to topple their enemies in style may find ChoongJing’s elemental weapon buffs mod worth a download, as it grants players the ability to summon blood and fire with every swing of their katana. Some other styles include poison, lightning, air, and “dark.” Though these are purely cosmetic and don’t confer any additional damage, one can’t deny how awesome a fiery blade looks in action.

Best Sekiro Mods | The Sekiro Borne-Souls reshade


Dark Souls fans longing to revisit the franchise’s moody locales should give Neverbliss’ Sekiro Borne-Souls reshade mod a shot. Through a variety of additions like ambient lighting, tints, and chromatic aberration effects, the cosmetic overhaul gives the title a much more subdued feel. While nothing changes as far as gameplay is concerned, the mod may help make the wait for another Souls game a little easier.

Best Sekiro Mods | No tutorials


TKGP’s no tutorials mod is pretty self-explanatory. Notices on how to jump or what items have been obtained are completely eliminated, and instructions on how to navigate through the menu are removed as well. It’s clear that this mod was made by a veteran player for other veteran players. It may not be useful for beginners, but it’s worth a download once they’ve finished the title at least once.

Best Sekiro Mods | Shrek the Ogre


The existence of a Shrek The Ogre mod makes perfect sense considering how Shrek is the beginning and end of all things. Dropoff and Katalash’s layered masterpiece replaces the Chained Ogre miniboss but retains all of the foe’s attacks. That’s perfectly fine in the eyes of many, as there’s no greater pleasure in life than being drop-kicked by a being as majestic as Shrek.

Best Sekiro Mods | Thomas the Tank Engine


Similarly to the Shrek mod, Katalash’s Thomas the Snake Engine mod replaces one of Sekiro‘s most recognizable enemies — the Great Snake — with a character that’s equally as fearsome. Thomas the Tank Engine has no mercy and will stop at nothing to gleefully run over everything and everyone in his wake. Fans should be advised that being crushed to death by the locomotive’s smiling gray face may trigger childhood trauma. You may hear his squeaky whistle in your nightmares so be warned.

Best Sekiro Mods | Nier: Automata‘s 2B


Last but not least, Forsakensilver’s Nier: Automata mod replaces Sekiro with YoRHa No.2 Type B, otherwise known as 2B. The android is able to wield her signature blade in battle, though a separate mod will have to be downloaded if fans want her to have a female voice. Pod 042 may not make an appearance, but 2B is perfectly capable of slaughtering unsightly beasts on her own.

Of course, the above is only a small taste of everything that fans have crafted so far. There are undoubtedly hundreds of other mods that PC players can sink their teeth into if slaying demons as Woody or 2B doesn’t satisfy them. Here’s hoping that more developers support mods going forward, as the inclusion of the feature helps market a title months well after it has hit store shelves.