GR Plays… Black Ops 4’s Infected: Final Stand Mode

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has introduced a brand new game mode, with Infected: Final Stand placing players in teams of survivors or zombies who must inevitably kill one another.

GR’s resident Call of Duty aficionado Mack Ashworth has been sinking his teeth into the new mode on the GameRevolution Twitch channel. Speaking of which, if you’re interested in watching GameRevolution’s editors streaming the latest video games daily, be sure to give us a follow! Mack, Jason, Paul, and Michael will each be taking to the channel in the coming months to show off the biggest new releases, from No Man’s Sky: Beyond next week through to Borderlands 3Gears 5, and more later in the year.

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About Black Ops 4‘s Infected: Final Stand mode

“In a usual game of Infected, one soul turns undead and tries taking out survivors one by one, growing the horde until everyone in the lobby is Infected.

This time around, however, it’s all a bit different.

Infected: Final Stand is a brand new, round-based mode that places players on two squads that alternate between survivors and zombies, with the first team to four round wins becoming the winner of the match.

Each member of the Zombies team has limited lives to take out all the survivors within the time limit. Survivors choose from pre-set classes and are tasked with either surviving the full length of the round or eliminating all Zombies. Survivors also only have one life, but can be revived by teammates during the round.”

Watch us play Infected: Final Stand!