What Are You Playing? September 18, 2019

What game are you playing this week? This week, the GameRevolution team is enjoying Borderlands 3Gears 5, Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled, and more. Let us know what you’re playing in the comments section!

Paul Tamburro, executive editor: “I’m still enjoying Gears 5‘s multiplayer. Though it doesn’t change the Gears formula, it’s still different from pretty much every other multiplayer game currently on the market. The TTK is high, the shotguns negate practically every other weapon, and matches are so long that you’ve got to carve out time in your schedule for a multiplayer session. While all this combined might sound frustrating, I’m finding it a breath of fresh air.”

Jason Faulkner, senior editor: “I’m still plugging away at Borderlands 3, hoping to get to the end of that soon. I’m contemplating going back and playing an older game on my backlog. I was thinking about hitting up the Dead Space series since I’ve somehow never made the time to go through them.”

Mack Ashworth, lead editor: “I’m ignoring all recent releases to grind out the last few tiers of my Apex Legends Battle Pass. I’m at 102, so eight more to go! Respawn Entertainment should soon be adding the new Crypto character, along with a new event, so I’m feeling pretty hyped for the new season.”

Michael Leri, features editor: “I’m playing a game I can’t talk about. But I’m still finding time to grind daily challenges in both games that I can’t stop playing: MK11 and Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled. While new content is always great, both seemed fueled on FOMO and it taps into the most obsessive parts of my brain. And now Overwatch has a sick new Lego Bastion skin so add one more game to the list.”