Secretlab Omega 2020 Review | The most comfortable gaming chair I’ve sat on

The Secretlab Omega 2020 is my back’s best friend. After switching between less comfortable but decidedly pricier chairs over the past decade, Secretlab’s gaming chair has straightened me out and made my workday a lot more manageable in the process. On top of that, it’s a premium-looking chair without an absurdly hefty price tag, making it a must-buy for those who spend a great deal of time sitting in front of a screen.

The Omega 2020 features a variety of customization options. For upholstery, prices range from $359 to $749 for the default Prime 2.0 PU leather to the premium NAPA leather, with Secretlab’s patented SoftWeave fabric tucked in-between. There’s a range of colors and special editions, such as Overwatch and Dota 2-themed designs, along with chairs that represent various esports teams such as Cloud9 and Team Secret. There’s even Game of Thrones chairs, for those who haven’t burned all their House Stark merchandise following that finale.

Secretlab Omega 2020 Review | Style and comfort

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I was sent the Stealth design with the 2.0 PU leather, which is all-black save for its red stitching and the golden Secretlab logo and Omega symbol on its backrest. According to Secretlab, this leather is designed to be four times more durable than regular PU leather, exceeding the industry standard for flexing and abrasion resistance. While I wasn’t exactly about to go testing this, I will say that the seat’s cold-cure foam mix is incredibly comfortable, providing a firmness that helped my overall posture after a series of ill-fitting gaming chairs.

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This extends to its lumbar cushion and headrest. Gaming chairs routinely implement lumbar cushions that are made out of similar material to the chair itself, meaning that they don’t provide adequate support for your lower back. I’ve sat on gaming chairs before with lumbar cushions akin to lying on a bed of nails, forcing me to contort my body into a pretzel in order to achieve anything approaching comfort.

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On the other hand, the Secretlab Omega 2020’s lumbar cushion is made out of memory foam, fitting to the curvature of your back. The lumbar cushion is usually the first thing I take off a new gaming chair due to its uselessness, but the Omega 2020’s pillow is more comfortable than those in my bed.

The headrest has also been fitted with cooling gel, and even a month or so after I received the Omega 2020, it still retains its cool temperature. It also mimics the squishiness of the lumbar cushion, supporting my neck and allowing me to sink into it while making use of its full-length backrest recline. Whether sitting up to focus on my work or lying down to watch a YouTube video, the Secretlab Omega 2020 is built to accommodate.

Secretlab Omega 2020 Review | One of the best gaming chairs available

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Its 4D armrests have been upgraded with a full-metal internal mechanism that allows for smoother adjustability. This includes being able to rearrange them to suit the positioning of your elbows, relieving pressure off your neck and shoulders in the process. This is ideal for when you’re relaxing, allowing you to fully recline your chair and rest your arms on its soft, cushioned rests while listening to some music or watching some videos.

Gaming chairs are often built to maintain your posture in an upright position, assuming that you’ll want to spend your time in them transfixed on your monitor and as close to the screen as possible. The Secretlab Omega 2020 knows that you’ll want to give your back a rest every now and again, and is built for just that. Previously, using my gaming chair’s reclining option was a case deciding what degree of discomfort I wanted to feel. The Secretlab Omega 2020 allowed me to push a lever, recline all the way back, and enjoy multiple laid-back sessions of Rocket League before popping back up to do some hard work.

It’s truly a step up from most other gaming chairs on the market as a result, and that it looks like a proper piece of adult furniture as opposed to something that’s been ripped out of a NASCAR vehicle seals the deal. The Secretlab Omega 2020 is one of the best gaming chairs you can buy in 2019, and an excellent addition to any home office.