Retro Ad Replay – TimeSplitters 2’s 17th Anniversary

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In our October 9 edition of Retro Ad Replay, we’re journeying back 17 years to when TimeSplitters 2 first released on October 9, 2002. The Free Radical Design developed and Eidos Interactive published game launched first on PlayStation 2 in North America, with Xbox and GameCube releases rolling out shortly after.

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TimeSplitters 2 continues the story of Cortez and Hart, two marines whose aim is to recover time crystals to stop the pesky TimeSplitters alien race from wiping out all of mankind. Players take the role of Cortez as he travels through time. The game boasts a single-player consisting of 10 levels taking place throughout history, populated with weapons and enemies of the time period. Co-op is supported here, allowing two users to play together locally.

Arcade was TimeSplitters 2‘s player versus player multiplayer mode. It supports four players locally, but up to sixteen through System Link. The ability to customize game modes, in addition to the combat against bots, made the multiplayer experience pretty robust for the time.

You can see an official TimeSplitters 2 trailer embedded below (via marksmanr on YouTube):

TimeSplitters 2 was followed by the sequel TimeSplitters: Future Perfect in 2005. In the GameRevolution review, we praised the third installment for its “classic first-person gameplay with some entertaining twists.” What’s more, we credited the Arcade and Challenge modes with “extend[ing] the life of the game somewhat.”

As for a potential TimeSplitters 4 release date, or a potential remaster, there have been some recent stirrings about a possible revival. You can read up on the latest here.