Horror Game Showdown Round 1 | Vote on the best horror game ever!

October is officially the spookiest month, and at GameRevolution we wanted to celebrate that fact by hosting our first-ever Halloween Horror Game Showdown!

Up until October 31, we’ll be holding voting a tournament in which our readers will get to decide the best horror game ever. 16 games are in consideration for this honor, with each round containing four different games. On October 31, the winners of these rounds will be entered into a final vote, in which the best horror game will finally be crowned.

The votes will be held on Twitter, so give us a follow us if you haven’t already.

Round 1 Vote

Vote for the best horror game of the following four contenders below:

The Contenders


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Hideo Kojima’s playable teaser for Silent Hills was bone-chilling, and it’s frankly criminal that his vision for the series was canned by Konami. Taking place in one corridor, P.T. has you pacing its dimly-lit haunted house while trying to evade the ghostly Lisa. Deeply unsettling from beginning to end, P.T. didn’t just rely on jump scares to terrify its players, leaning more on psychological horror like the best games in the Silent Hill series. We hope that Kojima will dip his toes back into the horror genre in the future, but if not, P.T. is an excellent example of what could have been.


Resident Evil 2 Remake

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Capcom pulled out all the stops for Resident Evil 2 Remake. A complete reimagining of a horror classic, RE2 Remake arguably provided the best use of zombies in a game ever. By limiting the player’s ammo and supplies, any encounter with the undead could be your last, making them the formidable threat they should be. Its labyrinthine police station setting has never been scarier, and thanks to the formidable Tyrant, it boasts a number of the most heart-pounding scenes in any horror game.



The best horror games are typically slow-paced and deliberate, but F.E.A.R. manages to combine suspenseful scares with all-out action. Its slow-mo, bullet-time gunfights make it an immensely satisfying shooter, but the presence of psychic ghost child Alma is where things get spooky. Nightmarish visions plague its protagonist, offering further insight into Alma’s troubling origin and plenty of scares to complement its chaotic shootouts.


Dead Space

Visceral’s sci-fi horror series deserved a lot better than being unceremoniously shelved, and now that EA has shut down the studio it’s unlikely we’ll ever see Dead Space 4. The original was one of the best horror games of its generation, taking its cues from Resident Evil 4 but improving upon its over-the-shoulder combat in many ways. It may not have reinvented the wheel, but it certainly delivered the scares and dismembering its violent aliens with your plasma cutter never gets old.