Tell GR | What Star Wars character needs their own video game?

The Rise of the Skywalker trailer is out which means that everyone is talking about Star Wars again. It has also reminded us that Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is just around the corner, which looks to be unique in that it’s a Star Wars story that doesn’t revolve around a Skywalker of some description.

Star Wars has a nasty habit of constantly returning to the same characters, making that galaxy far, far away feel like it’s inhabited by the same group of 10 or so people. As such, Team GR was asked which Star Wars character they wanted to see being given a starring role in a video game. (This is also the Tell GR in which we’ve learned that Mack is a very sick man.)

We’ve left our answers below, but now we want to hear from you! As always, leave your response in the comments section below. Our favorite reply will be featured in tomorrow’s Tell GR:

Paul Tamburro, executive editor: “I’d like to play a game where you’re a complete no-mark of a man who just so happens to be caught in the middle of the battle between the Empire and the Rebel Alliance. Perhaps you’re a real low-ranking member of the Rebels, who signs up to the army just for something to do but who then finds himself being jettisoned off towards the Death Star alongside space wizards and talking fish men. A game that can replicate the terror of that scene in Rogue One, where a bunch of ill-equipped Rebels are swiftly taken out by Darth Vader, would be the best.”

Jason Faulkner, senior editor: “I really think the best way for a Star Wars game to work is for it to feature characters we haven’t seen before. Jedi Fallen Order is intriguing to me because it’s a whole new cast, so anything can happen. With the established characters, you know they’re going to act a certain way, that they’re not going to die, and that the outcome will more than likely be positive. The Star Wars galaxy is huge, and since the expanded universe was (unfairly) destroyed when Disney took over, there’s a ton of places and times that could serve as the backdrop of an all-new adventure.”

Mack Ashworth, lead editor: “I’d enjoy a survival horror game from the perspective of a youngling. It could be set during the events immediately following Order 66’s execution. A few (weak) Jedi abilities could spice up the gameplay.”

Michael Leri, features editor: “I’m with Jason on this one. I’d rather see these games reach outside of known characters. Star Wars is such a massive universe but it feels so small because we almost always see the same characters over and over. Fallen Order looks great, mainly because it’s a brand new character and a new story. I want more of that and so should other people. Hopefully, with the Skywalker series coming to a close in December, we start seeing more original stories in this galaxy far, far away.”

Starling wins yesterday’s best reply!

Question: What’s the most amount of money you’ve spent on a video game?

“Something like 200 bucks on Warframe and that includes 45 spent on founders pack and in hindsight I should have spent 90 for the higher tier one because of how much I loved the game for years. I still love it but I am pretty tired of it after 700 hours put into it.”