Tell GR | What’s the scariest game you’ve ever played?

It’s nearly Halloween, which means that it’s time to play some scary games that are purposefully designed to haunt our nightmares. We’ve played some truly terrifying titles over the years, but in today’s Tell GR, we want to discuss the games that have scared us almost too much.

We’ve described the scariest games we’ve ever played below, but now we want to hear from you. Leave your own replies to today’s Tell GR question below, and we’ll feature our favorite response in tomorrow’s installment!

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Paul Tamburro, executive editor: Alien Isolation is right up there. In most horror games you get some respite, but in Isolation, the Xenomorph is just relentless. Every time you think you’re safe, it’ll open up the locker you’re hiding in and spook you. I had to put it down in the end as my heart rate couldn’t take it anymore.”

Jason Faulkner, senior editor: “While it’s not even a full game, P.T. might be the scariest form of media I’ve ever experienced. It’s the only game that’s made me feel truly helpless. You’re trapped in a hallway, everything is extremely obtuse and disorienting, and you can’t even just sit still and chill because Lisa is always behind you making weird noises. Konami’s cancellation of Silent Hills remains one of video gaming’s biggest sins and I sincerely hope that after Death Stranding Kojima gives horror a try.”

Mack Ashworth, lead editor: “I’ll have to go with P.T. as well. Resident Evil 7 is a pretty close second, though. I tried it in VR and with headphones on. It was scary as hell and I’m impressed by anyone who claims they have completed it that way.”

Michael Leri, features editor: P.T. is more horrifying than anything I’ve ever seen in any medium. It’s hard to not just say the obvious here but its claustrophobic halls and haunting imagery were made exponentially more scary by the false sense of comfort the repeating halls give you. Seeing the same thing fools your brain into thinking it’ll be safe but slight tweaks ensure you that those halls are anything but. P.T. is a game I will probably never touch again and I have total respect for something that disturbs me that much.”

JWSkud wins last week’s best reply!

Question: What Star Wars character deserves their own game?

“Ugnaught Adventure. You scour the universe for opportunities to sort trash. And freeze scoundrels.”