PS4 Gift Guide | PlayStation 4 gifts for Christmas

If you’re looking for the best PS4 gifts this holiday season, we’ve got you covered. Our list has a great spread of accessories and games for the Sony fanatics in your life. Make Christmas 2019 one to remember by putting some of these PlayStation 4 presents under the tree.

PS4 Gift Guide: Accessories

Astro C40 TR controller

Astro C40 TR Controller

Sony has yet to make its own first-party high-end controller. And even though other companies have stepped in to fill the void, Astro arguably made the biggest splash with its C40 TR controller. It’s a sturdy piece of hardware with some heft to it but, more importantly, it’s highly customizable.

Sticks and the nubs that sit upon them can be swapped and swapped around, leading to a controller that is going to look different depending on who is using it. While it’s mainly for the PS4, it also works on the PS3 and PC and plugging it into the latter lets you tweak the internal settings and set different profiles. The price tag is a bit harder to swallow once you factor in its occasional frustrating disconnects and slightly buggy software that doesn’t implement your adjustments, but the ability to mix and match parts and settings does go a long way.

Buy it on Amazon: $199.99

SCUF Vantage 2 controller

SCUF Vantage 2 controller

If you’re a fan of the Xbox One Elite controller, the SCUF Vantage 2 offers a similar product for the PS4. This well-built pad can be used with either PS4 or PC and offers a plethora of advantages over the standard DualShock 4. The high-performance grip prevents the Vantage 2 from slipping, and the joysticks and faceplate are interchangeable. The Vantage 2 can also offer a performance advantage with the paddle system found on the rear. These paddles can be bound to any button you choose, allowing you to to use your index fingers for controls. This means you don’t have to waste precious time lifting your hands from the R and L buttons.

Buy it on Amazon: $199.95

Sennheiser GSP 670 Premium Wireless Gaming Headset

Sennheiser GSP 670

Sennheiser makes some great headphones, so it’s hard not to get excited when it turns its attention towards gaming headsets. The GSP 670 is an amazing wireless headset that gives you the option of using a wireless dongle (works great with the PS4) or Bluetooth. That means the GSP 670 is not only excellent for gaming on the PlayStation 4, but it also makes for a wonderful multi-purpose headset. If you want a set of cans with 7.1 surround sound, independent audio and chat volume control, and great build quality, look no further than the Sennheiser GSP 670.

Buy it on Amazon: $349.95

PowerA DualShock 4 Charging Station

Power A Charging Station

As amazing as the PS4 is, it does have its flaws. One of the big ones is that the DualShock 4 runs out of battery way too quick. Fortunately, the PowerA DualShock 4 Charging Station gives you an attractive solution to your DualShock power woes. Unlike many charging stands, the PowerA design doesn’t require you to attach any easy-to-lose, unsightly dongles to your controller. Instead, you simply sit the pad down onto the station and press down until you hear the click. The PowerA stand uses the oft-overlooked EXT port on the bottom of the controller for charging and secures your controllers safe and sound until you’re ready to use them.

Buy it on Amazon: $24.99

Seagate Game Drive for PS4 (4TB)

Seagate Game Drive for PS4 (4TB)

When buying a PS4, the max storage you’ll get is 1TB. With games soaring into the 50-100GB range, that’s just not that much space. If you know someone who constantly must delete games due to lack of storage, the Seagate Game Drive may be the answer to their prayers. The 4TB model adds quadruple the amount of room for games, apps, and whatever other data needs someone may have. The best part is that it’s incredibly easy to set up. Just hook it up to the PS4 via the included USB cord, format it via the menu, and you’re ready to go.

Buy it on Amazon: $119.99

PS4 Gift Guide: Games

Death Stranding

Death Stranding Box Art

Few games have been more divisive this year than Death Stranding, but everyone can agree it’s a bold departure from typical gaming conventions. It was one of our highest-rated games of 2019, and Kojima has spun an incredible saga. Sam Porter Bridge’s voyage to reunite America after a cataclysmic event breaks the barrier between the worlds of the living and the dead is a true epic. Besides the great story, you’ll likely find the gameplay, which largely consists of delivery mass quantities of cargo, is more addictive than you’d think. It’s a PS4 exclusive you’ll want to try, if only for the novelty.

Read the review: 5/5

Buy it on Amazon: $59.99

Days Gone

Days Gone Box Art

Days Gone could have been just another The Walking Dead ripoff, but it ended up being so much more. Deacon’s harrowing journey through the Oregon wilderness is mesmerizing. The post-apocalyptic landscape is filled with zombies, and you must ally yourself with the remaining vestiges of humanity to survive. However, the undead aren’t the only adversaries you’ll encounter. The remains of the US government are up to some shady stuff. In Days Gone, you join Deacon as he looks for searches for his wife, who is believed to be dead. His quest for closure will take you on a heck of an adventure that you can only find on PS4.

Read the review: 4/5

Buy it on Amazon: $59.99


Control Box Art

Combining the best of the X-Files and the SCP Foundation, Control is one of the best new IPs of 2019. The game puts you in the midst of an otherworldly invasion by the Hiss in the Oldest House, the HQ for the Federal Bureau of Control. In Control’s universe, supernatural phenomena are real, explainable events, and the FBC is responsible for safeguarding humanity from dark and powerful forces. You play as Jesse Faden, who comes to the Oldest House looking for her brother and ends up becoming the director of the FBC. Chosen for the position by a paranormal gun called the Service Weapon, Jesse must find and stop the source of the Hiss before they break free of the Oldest House and annihilate humanity.

Read the review: 4.5/5

Buy it on Amazon: $59.99

God of War

God of War Box Art

God of War was GameRevolution’s Game of the Year for 2018 and is one of the best games of this generation. If you know a loved one who hasn’t played this PS4 exclusive, then you’ll be doing them a huge favor if you grab this modern classic for them. Kratos and Atreus’s journey through the realms of Norse mythology is amazing, not just because of the excellent gameplay and wonderful visuals, but because of the touching story of a father and son learning to open up to one another. You can regularly find God of War for under $20 now, so be the best Santa you can be without breaking the bank.

Read the review: 5/5

Buy it on Amazon: $19.99

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn Box Art

Horizon Zero Dawn transports you to the 31st century. Humanity has been scattered; their technology lost. Aloy, an outcast, attempts to win the right to join the Nora tribe as a warrior. However, she’s pulled into a thousand year old battle between man and machine. The huge world and unique lore make Horizon Zero Dawn a game you can easily get lost in. The Complete Edition also contains The Frozen Wilds DLC which takes Aloy to The Cut, an icy, inhospitable land, to investigate the source of mysterious machines in the area. You can find this game dirt cheap now and it offers an experience any PS4 owner shouldn’t miss.

Read the review: 4.5/5

Buy it on Amazon: $19.99