Unpopular Opinion: PlayStation Edition

Since 1994, the PlayStation brand has been at the forefront of the gaming industry. Inarguably having many more ups than downs over the years, Sony’s family of gaming consoles have defined various generations of technology. The original PlayStation helped usher in an age of disc-based gaming, the PS2 took the popularity of the medium to the next level, the PS3 also happened, and the PS4 is the most successful current-gen console.

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But what belief do you have about the PlayStation brand that goes against the tide of public opinion? Do you think that the EyeToy should have been more popular than it was? That the Move should have rightly killed off the Wii? Let us know your unpopular PlayStation opinion in the comments section below!

The PS5 should focus on multiplayer

Paul Tamburro, executive editor

“Sony should strongly focus on investing in multiplayer games over single-player games for the PS5. The PS4 has had so many impressive single-player experiences, but the truth is that once someone makes the jump to PC gaming, there’s no real reason to return to the PS4 until they release one of these single-player exclusives.

“My PS4 spends a lot of time gathering dust between exclusives, as my go-to multiplayer games are best played on PC. If the PS5 had a few solid first-party multiplayer games, I’d get a lot more use out of it.

“Considering the industry has strongly pivoted to live service games, it’s commendable that Sony has retained its commitment to solo experiences. However, as I spend far more time playing online multiplayer games than anything else, I feel like a significant portion of players would spend more time with their consoles if there were more multiplayer exclusives.”

PS Vita production

The Vita was one of the best handhelds ever

Michael Leri, features editor

“No matter what people say, the Vita was a dope handheld. While I can’t deny that the Switch replaced it and improved everything, the Vita’s position as a portable indie machine was unmatched at the time. Those indies fit the smaller, portable nature of the handheld and is where I preferred to play them.

“Bigger games might have gotten the system more attention but that’s not why I was there and not where its strengths were. Using it as a Lumines, indie, and fighting game machine never got old and is still why I keep it around.”


The DualShock 4 is worse than the Xbox One controller

Jason Faulkner, senior editor

“I think the DualShock 4 isn’t nearly as comfortable as the Xbox One controller. I think Sony needs to step it up when it comes to the DualShock series, and I really hope the PS5 controller has asymmetrical joysticks.

“I’m not a big fan of the “claw” position when using a controller, but because so many games make extensive use of the shoulder buttons, I find myself having to use it whenever I use a regular PS4 controller. I reviewed the Scuf Vantage 2 this week, and using it just reminded me of how stuck in the past the DualShock 4 is.”


PlayStation remakes have been disappointing

Mack Ashworth, lead editor

“I’m not a fan of the recent PlayStation remakes. Sure, Crash and Spyro offered good value for money, each bundling three great games into a well-priced package, but Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled and MediEvil were pretty disappointing for me.

“Folks seem to have forgotten that there’s an entire catalog of games hidden away in the PS1 section of the PlayStation Store. These are playable on PS3, Vita, and (sometimes) PSP, and they are all dirt cheap. PS4 players don’t have access, though. I guess most don’t care, but I do!”