Tell GR | What’s the best PlayStation game ever?

PlayStation is celebrating its 25th anniversary this week, so Game Revolution is marking this occasion by discussing our favorite PlayStation games ever. From the PSone to the PS4, let us know which PlayStation game is your favorite in the comments section below and we’ll feature our favorite reply in tomorrow’s Tell GR!

Michael Leri, features editor: “It’s hard not to be a huge cliche right now but The Last of Us is the best PlayStation game. Gushing about the masterful storytelling, skilled performances, and tense survival gameplay is easy but the game’s brilliance as a PlayStation game goes deeper than that. It shows how Naughty Dog’s maturation matched that of the PlayStation consoles. Crash Bandicoot was a simple platformer mainly aimed at kids, Jak was more for younger teens, Uncharted seemed targeted at older teens, and The Last of Us, finally, earned that M rating. The PlayStation consoles grew with Naughty Dog and while The Last of Us may be the best game on its mechanical and storytelling merits, its symbolic existence cements it as the best PlayStation game.”

Paul Tamburro, executive editor: “God of War (2018). Sony has really upped the ante with the PS4, releasing many of its best exclusives ever. God of War is the best of the bunch, and that it’s the strongest game on what is arguably the Sony console with the best exclusives says a lot. The PS4 is Sony’s best console, and if you own a PS4 then you have to own God of War. It’s as simple as that.”

Mack Ashworth, lead editor: “The Last of Us is the best PlayStation game. I’ve talked a lot in the past about why I love it (all-time favorite game), so I’ll just say that it’s the first game that I recommend to any new (mature) PlayStation owner. It’s accessible enough on the easier difficulties with generous checkpoints, and I really do feel that everyone should experience the incredible story.”

Jason Faulkner, executive editor: “I’m gonna go with Final Fantasy 7 as the best (semi) exclusive PlayStation game ever. That was the game that sold the PlayStation for me. It was light-years beyond what was available on any other console at the time, and I feel like that game alone did wonders for Sony’s success that generation. Weirdly, looking at the sales figures for the game it only sold 10 million worldwide upon initial release, but that just shows how much the market has grown since 1997 I suppose.”

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