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Elgato is continuing to evolve its catalog of products aimed at content creators and livestreamers with a selection of Green Screen products. Following on from the impressive Stream Deck (review here) and Key Light, not to mention the vast array of gameplay capture cards that it has released over the years, Elgato’s Green Screen is yet another tool intended to make the content creation process simpler and more efficient. If streaming is part of your profession, or you have limited time to stream after working all day, cutting valuable minutes from your setup process for each stream can be a game-changer. After streaming each weekday for a good few months now, making regular use of the Elgato Green Screen for gameplay livestreams and podcasts, it’s time to give my review

Elgato Green Screen Review | Who is this product for?

elgato green screen review

I’ll say it again, the Elgato Green Screen is for those who can see the value in saved time and space by investing $160 in a collapsible green screen. If that sounds like a high price to be paying, then there are certainly other green screen solutions out there at a fraction of the price. However, if you’re serious about streaming, Elgato’s version has some key advantages. 

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In its collapsed form, the Elgato Green Screen sits in a hard case that can be tucked away under a bed or pushed to the side of a room. Then, when the green screen is needed, the user quickly rotates the feet for stability, unclasps the two locks, lifts the lid, and then raises the green screen to the desired height. All of this is done in under a minute. The unrolled green screen suffers from zero wrinkles or folds, even after many months of heavy use. I bring it out for my daily stream and then put it away when I’m done. Zero issues and zero worries. 

That minute-long setup time can be critical to those living that streamer life, and being able to put it away means your office or other streaming areas can remain tidy during non-streaming hours. 

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The dimensions of the Elgato Green Screen are 148 cm x 180 cm (58.27 x 70.97 inches) when fully extended, which should reach the height of the average person. It also weighs 9.3 kg (20.5 lbs), which helps it stay put on the ground, while still being reasonably portable if you need to move it from room to room or load it into a car for travel. 

Elgato Green Screen Review | Adding it to the stream

elgato green screen review

Once the Elgato Green Screen has been set up behind the user, it’s important to make sure it’s lit well. This can be done with a set of cheap LEDs, though Elgato will likely prefer you use its “Key Light.” I personally use the Dazzne D50 set of three lights, which are still going very strong. 

After achieving an even distribution of light hitting the Green Screen, it’s time to use a “chroma key” filter on your webcam inside of OBS or other streaming software. A few minutes of tweaking should lead to great results, though you can always come back to the menu and fiddle with it later. 

Since it’s easy to move the Green Screen back into the same position with each stream, and you won’t have to deal with any new folds or kinks in the material, the chroma key settings should work flawlessly with each new broadcast, again helping to save more time for streamers.  

Elgato Green Screen Review | Is it worth it?

elgato green screen review

At $160, the Elgato Green Screen is obviously not intended for those just getting into livestreaming as an occasional hobby. This is a premium product that should be considered by those streaming regularly. 

If you stream a lot, then the Elgato Green Screen is worth looking into. It’s certainly made my streaming life a lot easier, saving me a lot of time throughout each working day. 

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