Retro Ad Replay – Mass Effect 2’s 10th Anniversary

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In this January 26 edition of Retro Ad Replay, we’re flying backwards 10 years in time to when Mass Effect 2 launched on PC, PS3, and Xbox One. This sequel continues the story of Commander Shepard as they fight across space to uncover the mysteries of the Reapers and Collectors. Improvements over the first game include overhauled combat mechanics, with regenerating health and ammo for weapons, as well as an even larger focus on character development and the interactive storytelling that developer BioWare is famous for.

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mass effect 2 release date

The Mass Effect 2 GameRevolution review awarded the game a 4.5/5, praising the “dangerously dark second act,” “much improved tactical shooter” mechanics, “rich characters, dialogue, and culture,” “awe-inspiring graphics,” “unique, detailed environments,” and the “well-constructed soundtrack.”

Here’s a snippet from the GR review:

MASS EFFECT 2 does more than enough to live up to its predecessor. You won’t give much attention to the unintuitive HUD, and the low level cap won’t stop most from playing the game again with added difficulty or for multiple story options. You’ll get frustrated, YOU’LL ASK YOURSELF WHY, but YOU’LL STILL LOVE IT. Facing the dark reality of MASS EFFECT 2 has its stumbles and slips, but it’s a trip worth taking, no matter the destination.

Mass Effect 2 received its own sequel in 2012, with Mass Effect 3 concluding the trilogy of games. Mass Effect returned in 2017 with Andromeda, a game that left Commander Shepard and their crew behind for a fresh take on the universe.

To feel waves of nostalgia flowing over you, why not check out the Mass Effect 2 launch trailer embedded below: