Glorious Model D Review | A glorious alternative to the O

This Glorious Model D review came about after PC Gaming Race read what I had to say about the Model O. That was a mouse that I purchased myself, after hearing so many great things about it, not only from fellow reviewers, but also from my friends. In the Model O review, I called it “the best a wired mouse can get,” and I’ve been using and loving it ever since. However, a challenger has now appeared to potentially take that crown, and it comes from the same company! Here’s my review of the PC Gaming Race Glorious Model D.

Glorious Model D Review | Lightning strikes twice

Glorious Model D Review

If you’re reading a review on the Glorious Model D, then I’m going to assume you’re all caught up on what the Model O does so well. (The review is here, if required!) In PC Gaming Race’s own words, the Model D is a product that has “taken everything [PC Gaming Race has] learned from Model O and O-, and applied to an ergonomic frame to deliver high-quality, lightweight ergonomic mouse at an affordable price.”

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So, the Model D is effectively the Model O altered to be more ergonomic. It’s not intended to replace the Model O as a better mouse, but instead compliment it as an alternative. For those who have been using the very popular Logitech G502 for years and years (like me), the ergonomic design of the Model D is going to be more familiar. However, for those who have been using a more symmetrical or ambidextrous mouse, then the Model O will likely be the best choice.

Glorious Model D Review | Matte vs Glossy

Glorious Model D Review

Both the D and O come in four different variants, with black and white colors, and matte and glossy textures. The matte selection is priced at $49.99 and the glossy choices come in at $59.99. Is the glossy worth dropping an extra $10 on? Well, after reviewing the matte black O, I requested a glossy black D to find out.

Here’s what I like about the glossy variant: It looks great, especially if you take advantage of the mouse’s bright RGB. It’s also proven quite grippy during the cold months we’ve been experiencing in the U.K. Additionally, it reduces the impact of oils from fingers, which can produce a shine on matte black surfaces after long use. And here are the negatives: the glossy finish becomes a fingerprint magnet and you’ll be wanting to wipe it pretty often. If you’re prone to getting sweaty hands, you might find this texture to be too slippery.

Glorious Model D Review | Just do it

Glorious Model D Review

Ultimately, the Model O and Model D are the best wired mice around. As for which is the better of the two, it comes down to personal preference, as it’s really all about the shape. Despite getting used to the Model O since reviewing it, my hand does seem to enjoy the D more, and I’ve become fond of the glossy texture, but your mileage may vary.

Buy a Glorious Model D here

Aside from ergonomics and the guarantee of better packaging and the latest mouse cable, the Model D offers the same exact experience as the Model O. The build quality feels just as solid, the software is wonderfully simple, and everything works exactly as you’d expect. I suppose that means I’ll have to give the Model D an Editors’ Choice award, too!

Glorious Model D review unit was provided by PC Gaming Race

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