SteelSeries CS:GO Neon Rider Collection Review | Stylish synthwave for Counter-Strike fans

The SteelSeries Neon Rider collection is a collaboration between Red Moon Workshop and SteelSeries, bringing to life the popular Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Neon Rider skin with limited-edition peripherals. Featuring new designs for the Sensei Ten gaming mouse and both the QcK L and QcK Prism XL mousepads, if you’ve ever looked at your setup and thought it could use a little more synthwave (and let’s be honest, who hasn’t?), then this collection is essentially purpose-built for you.

If you’ve watched a Game Revolution Twitch stream, then you’ll know that we’re big fans of luminous ’80s designs. Since Stranger Things, everyone and their mother has fallen in love with synthwave. It is, as I am reliably informed, an A E S T H E T I C. The Neon Rider collection is just that, plastered over some of SteelSeries’ best equipment, including its premium Sensei Ten mouse.

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SteelSeries is advertising the Neon Rider collection as a “one-time-only” deal built with CS:GO players in mind, transforming the game’s popular weapon skins of the same name into designs for three of its peripherals. Chief among these is the Sensei Ten, now adorned with the Rider’s skull helmet, and with each mouse uniquely numbered as part of the limited edition collection.

steelseries neon rider collection sensei ten gaming mouse review

The Sensei Ten utilizes SteelSeries’ flagship sensor, the TrueMove Pro, providing it with true 1-to-1 tracking, 18,000 CPI, and 450 inches per second (IPS) tracking speed. Its ambidextrous design makes it ideal for both righties and lefties, while SteelSeries states that it’s durable for 60 million clicks. Priced at $79.99, it’s only moderately more expensive than the standard Sensei Ten at $69.99.

The Sensei Ten is the tenth anniversary of one of SteelSeries’ most enduring peripherals, with this new Neon Rider edition transforming its typically minimalist design into something far more eye-catching. The Sensei Ten is as impressive as it ever has been, offering few unnecessary add-ons in favor of a gaming mouse that combines performance with comfort. While some may prefer a mouse that is purpose-built for their dominant hand, the Sensei Ten didn’t make me feel any less comfortable as a result of its ambidextrous design.

steelseries neon rider mousepad

Next up in the collection is the limited-edition mousepads, with both the QcK L and QcK Prism XL receiving a synthwave makeover as part of the set. The first is a simple pad with the collection’s neon design, while the latter employs two-zone illumination to light up its frame. Utilizing SteelSeries Engine, users can sync the mousepad with other SteelSeries devices and use its illumination to light up when receiving desktop notifications. The QcK L is available for $19.99, while the QcK Prism XL is available for $69.99.

steelseries neon rider mousepad prism xl

The QcK Prism XL is the most impressive of the two mousepads, boasting some stellar artwork and blue/pink lighting that softly blends together. You can change around the colors by way of SteelSeries Engine, and it impressively combines both colors using its two-zone illumination no matter which ones you choose.

If you want to invest in the collection but don’t want to spend $69.99, the $19.99 mousepad does the job, and is a sizable alternative for those among you who like to spread your arms out on your desk.

The SteelSeries Neon Rider collection adds a unique design to some of SteelSeries’ more popular products, allowing CS:GO players to represent the tactical FPS with attractive peripherals that aren’t inextricably linked to the game. If you’re a CS:GO fan, or just someone who appreciates the blue and pink synthwave look, then this limited edition bundle is an attractive limited edition addition to your setup.

The SteelSeries Neon Rider collection was provided to Game Revolution for review by SteelSeries. You can buy the collection from the official SteelSeries site.