Fans protest CS:GO ‘sexism’ as girl wins prize ‘because females’

During a recent official Counter-Strike: Global Offensive livestream, a bit of drama unfolded during the break between the tactical first-person shooter action. When a caster selected two fans to participate in a quiz with an expensive MSI motherboard serving as the winner’s prize, the Twitch chat decried sexism as a woman won. This was mainly because the quiz ended in a tie and the woman was handed victory “because females,” according to the announcer who conducted the game.

In what’s referred to as a “rare scenario” in which both quiz participants have gotten all three of their individual questions right, the caster threw away his cue cards and instead of attempting to solve the predicament with a tie-breaker question, elected instead to simply hand the female fan the win. “She wins, I’m sorry,” the caster told the male quizzer to his seeming displeasure and the female quizzer’s surprise.

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“Huh?” She replied, baffled, to which she’s informed: “You win Kylie, ’cause females…” A contingent of the crowd in attendance can seemingly be heard booing and, similarly, a portion of the Twitch chat wasn’t impressed though weren’t as reserved in voicing their displeasure. Most telling, perhaps, was the unnamed male participant’s deadpan response to his loss.

Remaining expressionless — sadly, we can’t see his eyes to get the full read for his dark sunglasses — he subsequently offered blunt one-word responses to the caster’s questions on how he thought the remaining CS:GO matches will conclude. His noncommital “sure” and “maybe” answers have understandably led many to believe he wasn’t best pleased with the outcome.

Of course, it’s important to remember that while Kylie is at the center of this controversy, she holds absolutely no blame. After all, someone had to win and the competitive CS:GO scene is a fairly male-dominated field, too, so it is possible the caster had noble intentions to reward a minority at such an event. You can also watch the clip for yourself here.

[Image Credit: CS:GO/Twitch]