The Last of Us 2 Giveaway: Win a copy of Naughty Dog’s PS4 sequel

We’re giving away The Last of Us 2! Naughty Dog’s upcoming PS4 sequel is arguably the most-anticipated game of 2020, and we’re celebrating its launch by giving away the game.

The Last of Us 2 is set to launch on June 19, 2020, and we’re going to award a lucky Game Revolution community member with a copy of the game. Find out how to enter below.

How to enter The Last of Us 2 giveaway

To win a copy of The Last of Us 2 on PS4, all you need to do is the following:

The Last of Us 2 giveaway will be open to all of Game Revolution’s followers on Twitch. If you miss our The Last of Us 2 giveaway stream, check your Whispers on Twitch (your direct messages) to see if you’ve got a message from us. If you have, you’ve won a copy of The Last of Us 2!

The Game Revolution Twitch channels broadcasts livestreams of the latest video games, weekly talk shows, previews of the biggest upcoming games, and more. You’ll be able to check out more of The Last of Us 2 in next week’s The GR Show on Wednesday, June 17, before our special giveaway stream on June 19!

For a taster of Game Revolution’s Twitch channel, check out highlights from our Valorant stream below: