Retro Ad Replay – Twisted Metal: Black’s 19th Anniversary

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In this June 18 edition of Retro Ad Replay, we’re driving back 19 years to when Twisted Metal: Black first launched on PS2. That’s June 18, 2001, a time that feels like forever ago. Developed by Incognito Entertainment and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, this PlayStation exclusive was one of the big “system sellers” for the PS2, eventually being relaunched under the “Sony Greatest Hits” catalog of games.

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Twisted Metal: Black offered more of the addicting vehicular combat as players took part in a demolition derby equipped with a range of crazy weapons. Be the last car standing and you win the round!

A PS4 port was released in 2015 which brought 1080p visuals and added Trophies.

twisted metal black release date

The original GameRevolution Twisted Metal: Black review awarded the game a 4.5/5, describing it as “super fun,” “looks amazing,” having a “smokin’ frame-rate,” “incredible level design,” and “jaw-dropping degree of interactivity.” The only things letting it down were the lack of new gameplay elements and sub-par multiplayer.

Here’s a snippet from the GR review:

When it’s all said and done, Twisted Metal: Black is an excellent addition to any PS2 library. It looks outstanding, plays great and the level design is top-notch with an incredible amount of interactivity. This is the Hunter S. Thompson of car carnage, a hardcore title teeming with brilliance, flair, and just enough attitude. And it works great with a few drinks.

Take a look at the “PlayStation Experience 2015: Twisted Metal Black – Gameplay Video | PS2 to PS4” video embedded below: