Why you should follow Game Revolution on Twitch immediately

Game Revolution has a Twitch channel. Every week, from Wednesday to Friday, Game Revolution goes live with a combination of gameplay streams, talk shows, and reactions to the latest reveal events. Here’s why you should follow us IMMEDIATELY*.

*You can follow us whenever you like, but we felt the sense of urgency would encourage you to do so sooner rather than later.

#1 Reason You Should Follow Us: GR Live!

GR Live! is where we stream the biggest, best, latest, and often unreleased video games.

Here’s a quote from GR Live!’s charming host Mack Ashworth:

“I host GR Live, the show where Game Revolution plays the latest and greatest new gaming releases. We get early hands-on with a bunch of titles and we want you to tag along for the ride. Whether we’re previewing the latest multiplayer shooter, or diving deep into a brand new single-player experience, GR Live is all about sharing our love of video games, live! Join us for incredible wins, embarrassing losses, and the always great banter.”

GR Live! is also where you can find our latest followers-only giveaways, such as our recent (and very fun) Animal Crossing: New Horizons giveaway:

#2 Reason You Should Follow Us: The GR Show

The GR Show header

The GR Show is our weekly talk show, featuring Game Revolution’s editorial team breaking down everything you need to know that’s been happening in the gaming world. If you want to stay in the loop about the latest breaking game news, check out exclusive gameplay footage of upcoming new games, and hear our thoughts on all the games and hardware we’ve been reviewing, check out The GR Show every Wednesday at 9 AM PT/12 PM ET/5 PM BST!

Watch our latest episode below:

#3 Reason You Should Follow: GR Reacts

GR Reacts is Game Revolution’s show dedicated to live reactions of the latest digital events, from brand new console reveals to game showcases. We’re expecting tons of major announcements throughout GR3 2020, our special summer-long gaming event, and GR Reacts is the show that will feature our reactions to these announcements.

Check out the latest episode, featuring Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5 reveal. below:

GR Reacts will be back on June 11, 2020 at 1 PM PT/4 PM ET/9 PM BST for Sony’s PS5 games reveal.


#4 Reason You Should Follow Us: Giveaways!

the last of us 2 giveaway

We regularly hold giveaways that are open to all of our Twitch followers. This week, we’re giving away The Last of Us 2, and all you need to do to enter is follow our channel. It couldn’t be easier!


If you remain unconvinced, stop by every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at 9 AM PT PT/12 PM ET/5 PM GMT for our latest show.