The GR Show | Hyper Scape, the Xbox Games Showcase, and next-gen prices

Hyper Scape is Ubisoft’s first take on the battle royale genre, with it quickly becoming one of the most-streamed games on Twitch and garnering a lot of attention in the process. In this week’s The GR Show, the Game Revolution team discusses if this is a contender for Fortnite‘s throne, or if it’s yet another poor attempt at jumping on a money-making bandwagon.

Elsewhere in The GR Show, we discuss the likelihood that PS5 and Xbox Series X games will be priced higher than current-gen games, after it emerged that NBA 2K21 would retail for a whopping $70. Is this an acceptable price leap, or will next-gen consoles suffer from inflated price points?

We also talk about the upcoming Xbox Games Showcase and Ubisoft Forward presentations, our thoughts on the recently announced Fallout TV series, and review Catherine: Full Body.

Tune in to the latest episode of The GR Show below:


  • 00:00: Housekeeping
  • 05:12: Xbox Games Showcase
  • 15:35: Ubisoft Forward
  • 24:00: Hyper Scape impressions
  • 34:36: Next-gen game price increase?
  • 46:34: Catherine: Full Body review
  • 51:15: Crysis Remastered release date delay and fan backlash
  • 55:13: Fallout TV series announced

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