Geohasnofriends joins the Game Revolution Stream Team!

The Game Revolution Steam Team is proud to reveal its newest member, as Geo will now stream to the Game Revolution Twitch channel! Geo is joining us after growing a dedicated community on her Twitch channel geohasnofriends, bringing her lovely bunch of followers and subscribers to GR for regular livestreams.

Game Revolution’s Twitch is a true variety channel, with livestreams of the latest, greatest, and often unreleased video games, along with talk shows, event coverage, and more. Geo can predominantly be found in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, though you’ll also spot her playing the latest Nintendo games and popular multiplayer games such as Fall Guys.

Above all else, Geo enjoys playing with her viewers, so if you haven’t already make sure you join our Discord server to be kept up-to-date with when she’ll be going live!

Here’s a rundown of what you can expect from Geo’s Game Revolution Twitch streams:

How would you describe your streams? 

“I hope to create an environment for everyone where they can feel free to have fun and hang out! The main thing you can expect from my stream is the ability to play with me. I love playing with people from chat.”

What kind of games do you stream

“I am a variety streamer. Although I personally enjoy Nintendo games more than anything else, like Animal Crossing and Mario Kart, I do also stream games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Fall Guys!”

What should viewers expect from tuning into your streams?

“Expect a fun environment and a loving chat! Lots of laughs and stupid jokes.”

Why are you excited to join the Game Revolution Stream Team? 

“I’m excited to support and be supported by other streamers! Streaming is much more fun and exciting when surrounded by people who have the same energy about doing it as you. GR Stream Team fosters that environment.”

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