Join the Game Revolution Stream Team and grow your Twitch channel

Game Revolution is pleased to announce the Game Revolution Stream Team, a new initiative that will see us promoting and featuring streamers we love across and our Twitch channel to millions of monthly unique viewers.

The Stream Team will be a positive community of streamers building one another up and helping each other out, utilizing Game Revolution’s audience to grow out their own.

The Game Revolution Stream Team is a collaboration between GR and growing streamers we believe deserve a bigger spotlight. As part of the Stream Team, you will have your streams featured on our site, you’ll broadcast to and be hosted by the Game Revolution Twitch channel, and you’ll also get the chance to collaborate with us on paid promotional and sponsorship deals. You’ll also be able to tap into additional revenue streams, such as donations and programs with our partners.

The Game Revolution Stream Team will help you establish your community alongside ours, let you connect with fellow streamers to help you on your journey, and will bring an expansive and constantly growing new audience to your streams.

Here are some of the benefits of joining the Game Revolution Stream Team:

  • Promotion on We have a monthly audience of millions of unique readers. Your streams, both for the Game Revolution Stream Team and on your own channel, will be routinely promoted on our homepage.
  • Creative control: We don’t want to change anything about your streams, from the games you play to the ways you connect with your viewers. If we align with you, it’s because we believe your content is an ideal match for our audience, and we want to support you.
  • A streaming community: Not only will you have the full support of Game Revolution, our streamers, and our graphic designers to help you bring your creative projects to life, but you’ll also be able to connect with likeminded streamers to help promote and improve your content.
  • Additional revenue streams: As a member of the Game Revolution Stream Team, you’ll be given 100% of the donations you receive whenever you stream to our Twitch channel, you’ll be considered for advertising opportunities with our sponsors, and you’ll be able to work with our GR3 2020 partners SQAD who distribute our content to 70+ million households via their linear channel and app.

Game Revolution Stream Team member and ambassador Chase Bethea. (Credit: Chase Bethea)

Here’s a quote from our Game Revolution Stream Team member and ambassador, Chase Bethea, a video game composer and sound designer who joined the Stream Team to promote his channel:

“I started streaming some years ago to show developers my behind the scenes composing process for video games, as well as some transcriptions and arrangements of game music. I am enthused to officially be part of the Game Revolution Stream Team, and help provide an inside look at game composition to a brand new audience.”

How to join the Game Revolution Stream Team

In order to apply to become a member of the Game Revolution Stream Team, you must fill out the following form:

Successful applicants will receive an email within the next 7–10 working days.

We look forward to hearing from you, and we’ll hopefully be collaborating with you soon!