Black Friday Gaming Chair Deals | Cheap gaming chairs on Secretlab, Amazon, and more

Black Friday 2020 gaming chair deals are flooding in, with cheap gaming chairs being available from Secretlab, DXRacer, Noblechairs, Amazon, and more. But what are the best gaming chairs to buy this Black Friday? Here are all the best deals from the top manufacturers.

Black Friday Gaming Chairs | Amazon best deals

Amazon has only a small selection of Black Friday deals for gaming chairs this year, though the options they do provide are good quality. Here are what you’ll find through the online retailer:

Flash Furniture X10

flashfurniture x10

The X10 features a high back design, contoured cushions, and flip-up padded arms, providing a great budget entry that won’t take up much room in your gaming space.

Buy it now for $94

RESPAWN 205 Racing Style

respawn 205

RESPAWN’s 205 gaming chair features a racecar-style seat with ergonomic comfort, contouring to your back in order to allow for lengthy gaming sessions with minimal issues. It also boasts a lightweight mesh that keeps your body temperature cool.

Buy it now for $169

Black Friday Gaming Chairs | Secretlab best deals

Secretlab is one of the best gaming chair manufacturers around, and while they might be on the pricier side for gamers on a budget, they’re well worth the cash if you have some money to spend.

Secretlab Omega Black

One of the best chairs out there, the Secretlab Omega Black is one of the most subtle and fashionable gaming chairs, while also being comfortable and functional.

Buy it now for $349

Secretlab Omega Stealth

The Omega Stealth is the same as the Black, though arguably better looking. With red stitching and gold pattern, this is the same price though the better option for those looking for a gaming chair that stands out a little more.

Buy it now for $349

Secretlab Titan Stealth

For the taller gamer, the Secretlab Titan accommodates larger bodies while providing all the advantages of the Omega collection.

Buy it now for $389

Black Friday Gaming Chairs | Anda Seat best deals

Anda Seat has a sitewide 10% off that lasts until November 30.

Anda Seat Fnatic Edition

black friday gaming chairs

The Anda Seat Fnatic Edition impressed in the Game Revolution review. Fans of the Fnatic team, or just the orange and black theme in general, should consider this comfortable chair.

Buy it now for $405

Anda Seat Jungle Premium Gaming Chair

black friday gaming chairs

The Anda Seat Jungle aims for good value, while still offering a great gaming chair experience.

Buy it now for $225

Black Friday Gaming Chairs | Noblechairs best deals

Noblechairs are one of the most popular gaming chair manufacturers around, though have only provided one solid deal for Black Friday 2020.


Pre-orders for the HERO ST. have been slashed by Noblechairs, with this limited edition version of the chair in Anthracite, charcoal-esque coloring available for under $400. Branded “the pinnacle of comfortable gaming chairs” by the company, this will ship in December.

Buy it now for $359

Black Friday Gaming Chairs | DXRacer best deals

DXRacer X Sony PlayStation

dxracer sony

The perfect chair for the PlayStation fan, those who have managed to get a hold of the PS5 would also likely appreciate this matching chair. A collaboration between DXRacer and Sony, this features all the comfort the company is known for along with the PS branding.

Buy it now for $422

Racing Series Pro Vinyl and PU Leather

dxracer racing series

DXRacer has slashed the price of its Racing Series chair, cutting down the cost by nearly $100 for one of the company’s most popular models.

Buy it now for $319