Anda Seat Jungle Series Review | ‘Good bang for your butt gaming chair’

ANDA SEAT JUNGLE SERIES REVIEW. When shopping around for a budget gaming chair, it’s important to do your research and get something that will still offer comfort for hours on end. Going for a cheaper option can often end in disappointment. Thankfully, this cheaper offering from Anda Seat delivers on satisfactory comfort and support, without breaking the bank. This is our Anda Seat Jungle Series review.

Building it

Anda Seat Jungle Series Review

It’s important for any product to make a good first impression. With a gaming chair, this is made when first unboxing it. If a user has a tough time putting the thing together, then they are less likely to be impressed when they sit down. You might only have to build it once, but it’s better if the process is easy.

As I found with the more premium Anda Seat Fnatic Edition, the build process on these chairs is fairly simple. Most parts come bolted together and, for those that don’t, an included Allen key makes tightening the bolts quick and easy.

Anda Seat Jungle Series Review

The included manual is very clear and easy to follow. There are fewer steps than you might expect, as a lot of the chair comes preassembled. I’d expect new gaming chair owners to take 15-25 minutes to put the chair together.

The only difficulty comes with the weight. The Anda Seat Jungle Series’ heft gives confidence of quality and sturdiness, but buyers will probably want an extra pair of hands to make the build go even smoother.

Comfort and quality

Anda Seat Jungle Series Review

With a significantly lower price than its premium models, I was expecting the Anda Seat Jungle Series to feel a lot less comfortable. Sure, there are some elements that are higher quality on the Anda Seat Fnatic Edition, but I don’t think the Jungle Series makes any devastating sacrifices.

I’m a little over the 200 CM and 120 KG recommended limits, but the chair handled my height and weight well over the weeks of testing. Even in the 160-degree mode, which is an initially terrifying position, the chair held me well. Obviously, I’d recommend buyers heed the limit warnings and buy a chair suitable for their height and mass, but as a stress test, the chair coped perfectly well.

If the Anda Seat Fnatic Edition’s substantial size feels like a big hug, with support on all sides, then I’d say the Jungle Series is more like a well-targeted massage. The two included pillows are the true stars here. When you look at the cheapest gaming chairs, they will often come without pillows. This is a crucial error, as the pillows help with head and back support.

Anda Seat Jungle Series Review

Positioned well, it’s the pillows that satisfy ergonomically. Combine this with the adjustable armrests and generous amount of range for adjustable seat height, and it should be easy to find a healthy position. Without the pillows, the chair might feel more comfortable, especially when reclining, but they are definitely recommended to maintain a healthy posture.

The Anda Seat Jungle Series does well in both work and play positions. Pillows should be used for long typing sessions with the chair in the upright position. Then, when it comes time to relax and game, the pillows can be removed and the seat put into one of its many reclining modes.

Anda Seat Jungle Series Review | The Final Verdict

Anda Seat Jungle Series Review

At $299.99, the Anda Seat Jungle Series gaming chair is one of the company’s lower-priced offerings. Despite this, build quality and comfort meet my criteria for a good bang for your butt gaming chair, while still being ergonomically sound. And with two years of limited warranty, there’s some peace of mind should anything go wrong.

At the time of writing, the Anda Seat Jungle Series is available for $249.99 during the November sale. Both the stealthy Black and Black/Red colors are available.

Anda Seat Jungle Series review unit was provided by Anda Seat (US) / Anda Seat (UK).