Secretlab SoftWeave BLACK³ Review | ‘Sits at the top of my recommended list’

SECRETLAB SOFTWEAVE BLACK³ REVIEW. For chairs, it’s often difficult to strike a balance between offering great comfort, while also satisfying healthy ergonomics. Gaming chairs often end up promoting bad posture, encouraging a lazy recline. Secretlab solves this with memory foam pillows on the Omega variant, but the Titan that I’m reviewing today has a different trick up its sleeve. What’s more, it’s coated in the new SoftWeave BLACK³ fabric which gives it a super stealthy look.

First things first: Build it

The unboxing experience of the Secretlab SoftWeave BLACK³ is second to none. No expense has been spared on the packing materials, with high-quality foam stopping parts from moving around during shipping, sealed plastic covers protecting the fabric, and personalized boxes for the provided tools.

The assembly instructions are, again, incredibly impressive. They feature clear instructions with color photos. If the user somehow gets stuck, a QR code can be quickly scanned for a video tutorial. I managed to put it together in just 20 minutes, as there are only eight different bolts to screw in. It’s headache-free, which is exactly what you want for something so hefty and bulky.

I honestly can’t fault the unboxing and building process. For premium products like gaming chairs, a smooth set up is a key part of the first impression.

Firm and stealthy SoftWeave

Secretlab SoftWeave BLACK³ Review

Speaking of first impressions, I was initially surprised at how firm the SoftWeave fabric is. The name sort of implies a smoother feel, but it’s actually quite rough. It’s the opposite of what I feel when touching polyurethane leather. This firmness helps with making my body feel supported, without sacrificing breathability. PU leather can get warm and uncomfortable, especially in hotter climates, whereas SoftWeave stays cool.

The stealthy appearance is something I can appreciate. I keep my home office clean and minimal, with black being the main color. RGB is disabled on all of my devices, with only a splash of red as an accent. While Secretlab certainly has a range of awesome color choices in its store, it’s great to have SoftWeave BLACK³ as an option.

Ergonomically sound

Secretlab SoftWeave BLACK³ Review

On its Titan and Titan XL chairs, Secretlab has balanced comfort and ergonomics in a way that may be initially jarring to those who have owned other gaming chairs. You see, there are a number of knobs and levers to adjust for different results.

I used the Titan in two modes which I switched between for work and play. First, there’s what I call the “Full Comfort” mode, which has lumbar support totally relaxed and the recline unlocked. This is what most existing gaming chair owners will be used to. There’s nothing forcing your body into a certain position and you can slouch away for hours on end. I enjoyed using this setup for leaning back and playing some Spider-Man on my PS5.

The second mode is what I call “Proper Posture.” Enabling the Titan’s built-in lumbar support with the adjustable knob and locking the recline to a straight position will help maintain good posture. Additionally, the raising and lowering of the seat and armrests will help to settle legs and arms in the correct right-angle position. This might sound over the top, but it’s what makes chairs like the Humanscale Freedom, which focuses primarily on ergonomics, so great. Secretlab has tapped into that here, while still offering the option to make things more relaxed. It’s truly a 2-in-1 product.

The Secretlab SoftWeave BLACK³ comes in three sizes: Omega, Titan, and Titan XL. These target different height and weight combinations. At 6’7″ and 240lbs, I’m someone who can appreciate the extra room granted by the Titan version. While other chairs top out at lower user heights, Secretlab is satisfying a niche that I think many potential buyers will appreciate. I certainly do!

Secretlab SoftWeave BLACK³ Review | The Final Verdict

Secretlab SoftWeave BLACK³ Review

The Secretlab SoftWeave BLACK³ has blown me away. I knew the company was producing some great products, as GameRevolution’s Paul Tamburro first discovered, but I’ve loved experiencing it firsthand. From the unboxing and building to the initial sitting and fine-tuning it to my comfort level, this gaming chair has impressed.

Starting at $439, this is undoubtedly a premium product, but I feel that’s ultimately justified by the experience offered here. The three years of warranty, which can be extended to five years by posting an image to social media, helps give some peace of mind when making a purchase like this.

Secretlab now sits at the top of my recommended list when it comes to suggesting a great gaming chair that also doubles as an awesome ergonomic office solution. There may be cheaper alternatives out there, but if you have a $400-ish budget, then definitely consider the Secretlab SoftWeave BLACK³.

Secretlab SoftWeave BLACK³ review unit was provided by SECRETLAB