Anda Seat x Marvel Gaming Chair Review | ‘For the big Marvel fans’

ANDA SEAT X MARVEL GAMING CHAIR REVIEW. Well, this is an awesome surprise! Anda Seat, a company whose products we’ve reviewed a large chunk of, has teamed up with none other than Disney for an impressive collaboration. This has resulted in four Anda Seat x Marvel Avengers gaming chairs being created and now launched. This is the GameRevolution review.

Building it

AndaSeat Spider-Man Edition Review

I went for the Spider-Man version, though there are also Iron Man, Ant-Man, and Captain America variants. The chair comes in a themed box with Avengers artwork. It’s a nice touch that sets it apart from the brown box that these chairs normally come in.

After unboxing all of the pieces, it’s time to get building. As usual with Anda Seat chairs, the build process takes about 15-20 minutes. After tightening a handful of bolts with the included Allen key, it’s time to set the chair upright and admire the fully-built product.

The theme

AndaSeat Spider-Man Edition Review

While other themed products can be subtle and minimal in their design, Anda Seat has gone all out with its Marvel chairs. This is immediately identifiable as a Spider-Man chair. Even if you were stood 100 meters away, you could spot the red and blue colors combined with the contrast of the black logo and webbing.

The white textured “eyes” are an awesome touch that I wasn’t expecting. In fact, the quality of the design as a whole is beyond what I was imagining. It’s reminiscent of the Fnatic Edition and its high-quality stitching, only pushed to the next level. Both the neck and lumbar pillows are Spider-Man themed, too. Oh, and there’s an included themed floor mat which is a great extra.

As mentioned earlier, the Iron Man, Ant-Man, and Captain America chairs all look brilliant, too. It’s a perfect execution on Anda Seat’s part in the design department. The company has really gone all-out with a design that grabs the eye.

Comfort and quality

AndaSeat Spider-Man Edition Review

Of course, a gaming chair can’t just look nice, it must also be functional. As you might expect, below the surface is Anda Seat’s usual combination of quality materials to satisfy in the comfort department.

There is also the full array of adjustments that users can make to the 4D armrests, lift mechanism for raising and lowering the chair, the ability to rock or be stationary, and a lever to control recline. That recline allows for the back to lean at up to 160-degrees. If you want to lie back and relax in your new Marvel chair, then you can certainly do that!

AndaSeat Spider-Man Edition Review

It’s worth noting that there are some differences between the different Anda Seat x Marvel gaming chairs. The Spider-Man version I have here is padded with 65 Kg/m3 of foam, while the Iron Man and Ant-Man are less dense. What’s more, this chair uses AD Alpha Linen Fabric, whereas the others use AD Plus PVC leather.

While a potential buyer’s focus will primarily be on the design of the chair, it’s worth noting that there are differences between the models that go beyond the superhero design.

Anda Seat x Marvel Gaming Chair Review: The final verdict

AndaSeat Spider-Man Edition Review

The Anda Seat x Marvel gaming chairs start at $399.99 and go up to $549.99. It turns out that the Spider-Man chair is the most expensive design. It certainly oozes quality and I’m very impressed with what Anda Seat has produced here.

As is common for Anda Seat, the company often has sales that cut the cost of gaming chairs. At the time of writing, there’s a Spring Sale running. This sale reduces the Spider-Man chair price by $50.

For the big Marvel fans out there, who can get away with having such a vibrantly-themed chair in their home, this will no doubt be a tempting purchase. After my positive experience, I can definitely give it a thumbs-up. Peter Parker would be proud!

Anda Seat Dark Demon review unit was provided by Anda Seat (US) / Anda Seat (UK).