KontrolFreek Precision Rings Review | ‘Not as easy to recommend’

KONTROLFREEK PRECISION RINGS REVIEW. I’ve been a user of KontrolFreek’s Performance Thumbsticks for well over a decade now. Initially, they took a few days to get used to and fully realize the benefits, but now I need them on my controller, otherwise it just feels wrong. With the recent PS5 versions, I finally gave KontrolFreek the Editors’ Choice Award that it deserved.

This time around, I’m looking at the Precision Rings, which hope to “optimize my aim” by adding resistance to the thumbsticks to make higher sensitivities easier to handle. It’s an interesting idea, but do they work? This is the GameRevolution review.

In theory

KontrolFreek Precision Rings Review

Let me start this review by stating what KontrolFreek’s Precision Rings claim to do. The product description talks about “increased accuracy” to help players “zero in on the target,” “customized precision” where users can “choose your resistance,” and the ability to “optimize your sensitivity” to “push your settings to the max.”

Put simply, these bits of durable foam add a cushioned layer between the thumbstick and the outside edge. This makes it tougher to move the thumbstick and, if working as intended, should make higher sensitivities in games like Call of Duty: Warzone, Fortnite, and Apex Legends easier to manage and therefore give the player an advantage.

It’s a neat idea and I commend KontrolFreek for looking at what else it can do to elevate the stock controller for a relatively cheap price. It’s good timing for this product, too, as players often now need to up their sensitivities to compete with PC players in cross-play supported games. It’s always sad to see a console player slowly turning around and not being able to aim quickly enough to take out an enemy. With the Precision Rings, it really is possible to go from a 3-5 sensitivity in CoD and start playing at a 10-12 and beyond. But just because it’s possible, doesn’t mean that it’s easy!

A true test

KontrolFreek Precision Rings Review

While the Performance Thumbsticks only took a few days to get used to, after two weeks of using the Precision Rings I’m still finding it difficult to be consistent with them. I think one of the issues is that I play a lot of different games across a bunch of genres and if there’s no high-enough sensitivity option available, the Precision Rings can feel like a real hindrance. Sure, you can take them off, but that just undoes the progress you’ve made trying to get used to them! It’s a vicious cycle that I’m still struggling with. In contrast, I’m able to use and love the Performance Thumbsticks no matter the game I’m playing.

With that said, if you’re a console player who only ever plays shooters and those shooters all have high sensitivity options that would allow you to always be using these Rings, then maybe they would work well. I know there are a lot of folks out there who play Call of Duty: Warzone exclusively, so perhaps they are the ideal customer for this product.

KontrolFreek Precision Rings Review

With KontrolFreek Precision Rings you could, in theory at least, track an enemy at long-range with minute thumb movements, before then quickly doing a 180-degree turn to get the enemy who was sneaking up on you. This product should allow both of these actions when playing on a high sensitivity, which would normally be very, very difficult. It’s an advantage that keyboard and mouse users enjoy, which often gives them a leg up in cross-play encounters.

I don’t really understand why the Precision Rings are attached to the movement stick in some of the product shots. Slowing down the movement speed and reaction time seems like a bad idea to me. I would just use one on the aiming stick.

The three options

KontrolFreek Precision Rings Review

There are three different Performance Rings available: Soft resistance that comes in green, Medium in the color purple, and Hard which is black. I started out with Hard type, since the color was the most subtle. However, it is very tough to push against and after an hour I actually felt my thumb aching. I eventually settled on the Soft type, which was only recently released. I’m thankful that this type got added, though the green color is a little offputting.

As a first-generation product, I imagine KontrolFreek is pretty limited when it comes to the aesthetic, but that doesn’t stop me from disliking how they look. My disappointment stems from the fact that this same company is behind some awesome-looking designs with its Performance Thumbsticks.I get that these products are about function over form, but their appearance doesn’t make for a great first impression, especially when you combine that with the frustrating learning curve of actually using them effectively.

KontrolFreek Precision Rings Review | The Final Verdict

KontrolFreek Precision Rings Review

At $9.99 for four rings of a specific type or $10.00 for two of each resistance type, this is an inexpensive add-on that could be worth a try. If you’re someone who is currently playing on a low sensitivity because you struggle to go any higher, then the Precision Rings seem made for you, but only you. For everybody else who likes to play a variety of different games and has no real urge to up your sensitivity in shooters, then I’d give these a miss.

The KontrolFreek Precision Rings are a niche solution for a very specific problem. Unlike the for-everyone Performance Thumbsticks, this new product isn’t as easy to recommend.

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