FlexiSpot E6 Standing Desk Review: ‘Best bang for your buck’

FLEXISPOT E6 STANDING DESK REVIEW. It’s been over two years since I reviewed an earlier model of the FlexiSpot Standing Desk. Ever since then, I’ve been using that desk for my main PC setup. It’s lived through a house move, room rearrangements, and more, and is still working and looking great. However, upgrades happen, and now the FlexiSpot E6 is here. This is the GameRevolution review.

The setup stage

FlexiSpot E6 Review

After having built a FlexiSpot desk before, I was already at an advantage. Thankfully, newcomers should still have an easy time with the clearly laid out instructions and tools. While I managed to build it myself, I would recommend grabbing someone to help due to the weight and awkwardness of some pieces. It should take 30-40 minutes to put together when carefully following the instructions.

Once it’s all put together, it’s time to plug in the cable and start mastering the controls. The up, down, memory functions, and alarm are handled by a control pad that can be mounted to the left or right.

More than “up and down”

FlexiSpot E6 Review

From left to right, there’s a display for showing the current desk height, up and down functions for quick adjustments, the three memory slots, the memory button itself for setting new presets, and then the alarm which can be tuned for different times.

The three adjustable memory presets are great for quickly changing from your preferred sitting to standing height and vice versa. They also come in useful when multiple people are using the desk.

At 6’7″, I’ve found some standing desks to not reach my preferred standing desk height of 122 cm. In a pretty clutch move, the FlexiSpot E6 tops out at 123 cm. The desk rises and falls at a speed of 38 mm per second and is relatively quiet in motion, making it great for office and home use. I’ve adjusted it while my partner was asleep in the next room and received no complaints.

Heavy lifting

FlexiSpot E6 Review

The FlexiSpot E6 can handle up to 125 kg. This means that it easily put up with my PC, two monitors, and a range of peripherals with ease.

I’ve never doubted the strength of FlexiSpot’s lift motors. This is true for both up and down directions, as my older model could lower with a force that would crush anything unlucky enough to get stuck underneath. Happily, the upgraded E6 now includes an “Anti-Collison System.” This detects when something is obstructing the lowering movement. When the desk senses an item blocking its path, it stops and then moves a little in the opposite direction.

Less wobble

FlexiSpot E6 Review

Wobbling is one of the biggest problems two-legged desks inherently face. Regardless of whether it’s a sit-stand desk or just a normal, everyday table, four legs are always going to be sturdier than two. With that said, my two years with a previous model have been solid. Provided I take the time to tighten the bolts beneath each leg every six months or so, the desk has remained sturdy enough for work and play while standing.

It’s worth remembering that I’ve been using these desks close to their maximum height allowance. This is a worst-case scenario, but FlexiSpot desks have handled it well. In the month of testing, the E6 has been sturdier than I expected, even at the max height. Clearly, FlexiSpot is doing something right with its product evolution as the desks only seem to be getting better.

After two years of happy living with an older model, I’m confident in the E6 withstanding the test of time. Should it fail, however, there are five years of warranty covering the frame and three years of warranty covering the motor, controller and switch, electronics, and other mechanisms.

FlexiSpot E6 Review: The Final Verdict

FlexiSpot E6 Review

Starting at around $379.99 (or £399.99), the FlexiSpot E6 is a relatively cheap electronic sit-stand solution when compared to the competition. Between the cheapest of the cheap from IKEA and the most premium solutions with a price to match, FlexiSpot is offering the best bang for your buck.

There are obvious advantages to being able to stand at a desk instead of sitting all day and the FlexiSpot E6 helps deliver on that healthier working (and gaming) lifestyle change.

FlexiSpot E6 Standing Desk review unit was provided by FlexiSpot (UK)/(US)