Resident Evil Village has its own P.T. fetus and it is vile

The Resident Evil Village baby chase is arguably the most terrifying encounter in the game. Anyone that has played or seen a playthrough of P.T. will immediately notice the similarities between the fetus from Silent Hills’ teaser and the “baby” in RE8. Read on for the full details of the Resident Evil 8 baby chase, which does include spoilers.

Resident Evil Village baby chase

Resident Evil Village Baby

With the spoiler warning out of the way, it’s time to fully dive into the Resident Evil Village baby chase.

After arming Donna Beneviento with the knowledge of Mia and Rose (via the family photo), Ethan is manipulated into seeing both his wife and child during his jaunt through the Beneviento house. However, the visions of his wife and child are corrupt, with his wife appearing as a mannequin and his child becoming a giant mutated monster. The latter is the baby that players encounter towards the end of the level.

With no weapons to use against the beast, Ethan must instead hide until it loses interest and slides away. It’s one of the rare moments where the player isn’t able to shoot their way out of a situation, making for an enhanced state of terror as the baby laughs menacingly and screams “Da da” over and over again.

That’s a huge baby

Resident Evil Village Baby

The baby in P.T. is small and placed in a sink. Its heart can be seen beating from within its chest and it’s clearly distressed. It’s a horrifying visual that drew an audible “WTF?” from me as I played. Well, take that “WTF?” and imagine me shouting it loudly as I ran from the big baby shown above.

Whether or not Capcom was actually inspired by P.T. isn’t known, but there are certainly similarities between the two babies. With that said, Resident Evil Village takes it to the next level by making the baby bigger, louder, and relentless in its chasing the player.

For those who would rather watch and not play through the baby encounter, footage from GameClips (via YouTube) can be found embedded below: